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130+ Unique Cat Names With Meaning.

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More often than not, you will find a unique cat name on your own. But sometimes, you need the inspiration to get the mental block out.

I tried to include unique names I can find and make. A swipe of this name list will give you enough inspiration to come up with more names if this is not enough for you.

I also included meaning for every single piece of these names, so that you can match it with your cat’s personality.

I will keep on updating newer and unique names as I find more in the years to come by.

How to select a cat name?

There are no exact rules to decide on a cat’s name. If it’s short and cute, that will probably be enough. But we still got a guideline for you to follow:

  1. Observe your cat’s personality first for few days after adoption. Don’t rush into choosing the name. You can name a cat based on its personality, color, body structure, eye color, eating habits, breed, sleeping habits, and activity.

Choose a name that has 1 or 2 syllables only. A longer name doesn’t work well for cats. Even if you choose a long name, try to find the short version of that. For example, the Echo is a cat name with only two-syllable E and O. And if it has more than 2 syllables like Durian, you can shorten it to Dury, Dory or Dura.

  1. The name must be simple enough to pronounce easily. Complicated names will only make your life complicated.
  2. Choose an evergreen name that will not look awkward when he grows into a big cat.

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Unique cute cat names.

  • Echo– For the cutest cat who keeps on meowing!
  • Pepper– Is your kitten sharp and cute at the same time?
  • Tansy– The Greek version of immortality. I would never want to lose my cat BTW!
  • Cookie, Pookie, Mookie– There’s a charm to these rhythmic names.
  • Pip– Originally pip means ‘lover of horses’. Yea, cats are the lover of fish. Goes pretty good.
  • Tiddles– Stereotypical cat name yet sounds pretty cute.
  • Chipmunk– Cats and squirrels have one thing in common! They both are clever than you.
  • Hunny Bunny– If you can’t live without your cat, this is the name to choose! At least the literal meaning says so!
  • Muppet– Best suited for doll-like cats with cute eyes.
  • Snookums– You’re my cuppy-cake gumdrop snookums snore. Do you remember that?
  • Squiggle– For cats that twists a lot!
  • Twiggy– A name mostly attributed to supermodel Lesley Lawson. It’s a nice name for a thin cat.
  • Winky– Sometimes, I like to keep names that have no literal meaning. It’s the fun of keeping cat names.
  • Jett– Jett originates from the bible. And the name is quite cute for a cat.
  • Ping Pong– My friend called his cat Ping Pong because it curls up and sleeps like a little ball.
  • Puggles– A type of soft toy sold during the mid-1970s.

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Famous cat names.

  • Dandelo– Best known from the movie ‘The Fly’.
  • Mufasa– Mufasa is an all-time favorite name among cat and dog owners.
  • Thomasina– From the 1963 movie ‘The Three Lives of Thomasina’. Thomasina was the cat in the movie.
  • Tonto– The pet cat from ‘Harry and Tonto’ movie.
  • Pandora– Inspired from ‘The Brady Bunch’ Tv show and the Cinematic universe from ‘Avatar’
  • Garfield– Who doesn’t know about Garfield?
  • Orangey– a famous cat seen in various films and TV shows. Perfect for marmalade and orange-colored cats.
  • Tigger– The Cat-like tiger from Winnie the Pooh.
  • Scratchy– Scratchy the cat is a parody version of Tom the cat.
  • Unsinkable SamSam the cat survived 3 shipwrecking incidents during World War II.

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Elegant cat names.

  • Desdemona– A character from Shakespeare’s ‘Othello’.
  • Fifi– Perfect for Rhythmic names and associate well with pipi, Gucci or Gigi.
  • Theodora– It means the ‘gift of God’ in Greek.
  • Sansa– Sansa Stark from Game of Thrones!
  • Garbo– Kind and polite. Do you have such a cat?
  • Atticus– Famously portrayed in a 1960 novel, ‘To kill a Mockingbird’.
  • Kipling– Rudyard Kipling is the guy known for writing the Jungle Book. But the name is quite elegant.
  • Tiberius– Roman origin name. Alternatively, you can use Tierra, Tib or Tiba.
  • Chauncey– Literal meaning of fortune in French.
  • Attila– Dated back to a 5th-century leader who invaded Europe.
  • Thelma– Thelma or Thea for the most persevering cat.
  • Eliana– It means God has answered in Hebrew.
  • Lyoko– A French animated TV series.

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Badass cat names.

  • Admiral– Has a sort of leadership vibe to the name.
  • Chief– I had two cats named chief before. And they were super naughty.
  • Fang– Means four-sided in Chinese.
  • Demolition– Bam! Here’s a cool name for the one that wreaks havoc in your home.
  • Doctor Hell– The notorious villain from Japanese anime ‘Mazinger Z’. Hell, I love the name already.
  • Sharp– Wooh. That’s a quite sharp name.
  • Reeno– Super badass name
  • Wacky Baccy– That’s the dope man!
  • Acid– Call your pet acid if he is clever.
  • Slasher– Slasher, and thrasher are perfect for badass duos.
  • Ghoul– The Arabic version of someone greedy. Cats are always greedy for fish you know that.
  • Fester– Lester, Fester, and Tester. Like that?
  • Knuckles– Knuckles with big buckles.
  • Hannibal– That’s a pretty horrific name. Hannibal Lecter, the psychopathic doctor from the Hannibal movie series.
  • Chaos– If you love the name demolition, chaos sounds way better.
  • Zoom– I used to call one of my cats Zoozoom.
  • Cosmos– Cos-cos, Tos-tos or Cosmos. Sounds fun?
  • Flambe– This is a term used in cooking and related to flame and alcohol.
  • Tabasco– Love Tabasco sauce? It also makes a great pet name though.
  • Tang– For Orangey cats!

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Sassy cat names.

  • Sheba– The meaning of promise in Hebrew.
  • Duchess– High-rank women were called duchess. Do you think your cat belongs to a superior bloodline?
  • Queenie– The queenie Pweenie baby cat.
  • Kitana– 1000 years old princess looking young in Mortal Kombat II.
  • Pyro– Pyro means fire in Greek.
  • Bolt– Thunderbolt king wants to eat fish now.
  • Yukon– There’s a river called Yukon in Canada.
  • Annona– It’s one of the most unique names I came across.
  • Agon– Popular name in Albania. For cats, it’s still unique.
  • Alfie– For the wisest pet at your home.
  • Boo-boo- Boo was the world’s cutest dog. You can add another Boo and name your cat.
  • Bobble– The awkward walking cat.
  • Chrome– The fast and small cat.
  • Clover– Clover is a plant, but it’s often used as a symbol of prosperity.
  • Dee-dee– The Latin version of divine.
  • Doozy– The cars from the now extinct company Duesenberg, known for producing the finest cars ever.
  • Durian– The Durian fruit.
  • Geryon– It’s a mythological monster who was killed by Hercules.
  • Gimp– Has a cute and intimidating feeling attached to the name.
  • Harpie– This name has a charm of its own. It’s derived from Greek mythology where harpies were monsters who punished wrongdoers.

Japanese cat names.

  • Aimi– Beauty, love, and affection are three attributes of this name. Think your cat has them all?
  • Akina– The greenness in autumn is the meaning in Japanese. This name will be suitable for a cat who seems very soothing to your eyes.
  • Emi– A cat is a ‘beautiful blessing’ and it makes you ‘smile’ every now and then.
  • Eri– Eri, and Emi both have a quite similar meaning. Eri means blessed gift.
  • Haiku– Don’t know anything Japanese poetry? Your cat may do! The name is damn cute BTW.
  • Haruki– Might be a good name for a white cat. It means brightness.
  • Kioko– Goes quite well with the happiest looking cat’
  • Kohana– Often used for a Japanese baby girl. It means a little flower.
  • Miki– Sounds like mickey. But in Japanese, it has a beautiful meaning- ‘noble’
  • Naoko– The most admirable cat ever!
  • Nami– Nami can be used for a female cat. The literal meaning is a wave.
  • Oki– Short, and precise name which means the middle of the ocean.
  • Sora– Sora is the sky above us.
  • Domo– Domo sounds like a powerful name for a powerful cat.
  • Kiyoshi– It represents pureness. I had a white cat once, and I named him Kiyoshi.
  • Michiko– It’s an easy-to-pronounce name.

Creative Unique kitten names.

  • Bugaboo– As like Boogeyman, a legendary scary creature.
  • Figaro– Has a french origin meaning barber.
  • Bar Bar– You add bar to a bar, and that’s how this name came into existent. It’s a very unique name for a cat.
  • Catahoochie– I found this name from a comment section in a blog. And I love it absolutely.
  • Tee-Tee aka- Cute and resembles a tiny cat.
  • Cleocatra– I just replaced the pat in Cleopatra.
  • Tim tam– Never heard of this name before.
  • Vacadu– I couldn’t find the meaning of this name. That means not a lot of people are using this name.
  • Mitzi– A name of German origin.
  • Tyloo– A cool name for a cool cat. It’s a name for a mythical creature in Chinese.
  • Adolf Kitler– Do you love Hitler? How about Kitler?
  • Charlie Catlin– This is totally fun.
  • Nefertiti– The wife of an Egyptian ruler in the 14th B.C.
  • Catbalou– The panther from Jungle book Balou. I just added a cat to the name.
  • Squeakers– Some cats can really scream out loud. This might go pretty well with such cats.
  • Mookie– The cat with a lot of cuteness.
  • Croco– The short form of a crocodile. If your cat sleeps like a crocodile, this is the perfect name.
  • Joshy– Joyful cat.
  • Musti– The sister of Rusty.

Unique fat cat names.

  • Butterball– Goes more with cats that are fat and has the softest hair.
  • Jumbo– Like Jumbo the elephant.
  • Tubby– The short form of Torbjorn. There is a feeling of fatness to the name itself.
  • Roly Poly- Roly Poly is a sort of sweet dough with filling. It’s better to name one cat Roly and another Poly.
  • Blimpy– The US-based Sandwich chain has the perfect name for a fat cat.
  • Bubba– Bubba from Forrest Gump. How can we forget that character, right?
  • Chubalub– Resembles a chubby person.
  • Flabby– From fat girl Abby, you get Flabby. And that’s quite a cute name for a cat.
  • Hammy– Hammy the hamburger eater.
  • Pumba– Timon, and Pumba from Linking. The iconic characters from childhood.
  • Donut– Didn’t know this could be such a great name for a pet.
  • Nacho– A name of Spanish origin.
  • Mac– Does your cat seem like the Big Mac in Mcdonalds?
  • Gordo– It literally means fat in Spanish.
  • Grasso– This is the Italian version of fat.
  • Taba– Taba sounds very unique. Because it’s a Fillipino word and it means fat.
  • Grande– For Big fat cats.
  • Fitu– It’s an Icelandic word that means fat.
  • Epic– The cat with fat belly and gigantic size.
  • Chubbles– The one cat that makes you laugh because of its chubbiness.
  • Blubber– It’s a thick layer of fat found in whales and other mammals underwater.
  • Machu Picchu– Machu means old, and Picchu means mountain.

Unique white cat names.

  • Atali– Often used in Sweden, and it means pure. This is a perfect name for white cats.
  • Pandu: For pale white cats.
  • Abyaz– A Qur’anic name that means bright and pure.
  • Tic Tac– Like the white gums.
  • Furby– More like a Furbee.
  • Zuri– It symbolizes beauty. If you have a white beauty at home, this is the name to give.
  • Alba– It’s a unisex cat name. In German, it means white pearl.
  • Finn– The Irish meaning is white.
  • Kenzie– Most suitable for good looking cats.

Unique black cat names.

  • Bruna– The literal meaning is brown. So, it will go with dark-haired cats.
  • Kalan– For the darkest cat with bright eyes.
  • Achlys– A Greek mythological name that means death mist.
  • Sauda– Some dark cats are more beautiful than the fair ones. This is for those cats.
  • Pepsi– Ever thought Pepsi could be a name for a black cat?
  • Batman– That’s so cool.
  • Kuro– The word for black is Kuro in Japanese.
  • Salem – If you ever watch Sabrina the witch Tv show, you might remember the black cat of the same name.
  • Leila– The Arabic version of dark beauty.
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