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Top 7 Best toys for cockatiels review and buying guide.

Best toys for cockatiels
Best toys for cockatiels. Image Source Pixabay.

The best toys for cockatiels will keep your feathery guy busy playing for hours after hours without causing any harm or injury.

But there are many factors you need to consider while buying a bird toy.

Cockatiel gets easily bored and depressed. So you must choose the toy that will provide fun and make your cockatiels do some regular exercise as well.

There are a plethora of toys that you can buy for cockatiels.

Let’s review the 7 best of them all.

Best Toys For Cockatiels Review.

1. Jusney Spiral Standing Toy.

A cage toy like the Jusney Spiral Standing Toy is a must for your bird buddies. It’s absolutely perfect for your birds’ entertainment and exercise. Let’s find out why your parrots are going to like this cage toy.

Top features of this Cockatiel toy.

1. Long, spiral and colorful rope.

The Jusney Parrot Cage Toy is a 63inch long spiral and colorful Rope. It’s the perfect parrot climbing rope that keeps your parrots busy in bungee climbing. The bright, tightly woven cotton makes it comfortable for your birdies.

2. Adjustable steel wire.

The core of this bungee rope is made of steel wire coated with a tightly woven colorful cotton rope. So you can adjust it however you wish. You can curl up or straighten this sturdy rope according to your parrots’ mood.

3. Small bell piques birds’ curiosity

This bungee rope comes with a little bell, which makes your parrot curious every time they move around the rope.

Easily Adjustable cotton coated steel wire.The end of the rope is not quite secure. Ropes come out from both sides sometimes.
Fits into large or small size cage.
Colorful, sturdy and tightly woven cotton.
Last longer than anything.
The small bell attracts birds’ attention.

Final Verdict

Though it is quite a long rope and you can adjust it with any size of cages. Yet, we would encourage you to check your cage size before buying this product.

2. Tropical Chickens Cockatiel Foraging Toy.

As the name suggests, The Boredom Buster is a perfect game for your birds to keep them cheerful even when you are not around. These amazing features will excite your birds as soon as you get them one of these Boredom Buster forage boxes.

Top features of this cockatiel toy

1. Sturdy Acrylic-made forage boxes.

The Tropical Chickens Parrot Bird Boredom Buster Forage Boxes are made of sturdy acrylic. That allows a long-lasting and rough play for your companion birds. Fill the forage boxes with the favorite treats of your birds and watch them play.

2. Cutout shaped boxes.

The cutout shaped Parrot Boredom Buster boxes are safe for your parrots to chew or play with. So, you don’t need to worry about leaving them with these boredom buster forage boxes back at home.

3. Easy Access.

The top box has a lid that you can lift up while refilling the boxes with treats. The forage boxes are easily accessible for both your use and your bird’s play. But it’s probably not so appropriate if you have a large-sized bird fellow.

Easily accessible.Not appropriate for large birds.
Safe material for birds.Some users found the outer edges a little sharp for their birds.
Sturdy acrylic last longer.
Appropriate for small and medium-size birds only.

Final Verdict.

The Boredom Buster foraging treat box is a perfect exercise and time pass for your birds since unlike many other foraging treat boxes, this one makes your birds work out to get their treats. So, it’s the perfect one to keep your birds busy whenever they get bored.

3. MEWTOGO Block Bird Toy.

Mewtogo presents an interesting wooden block toy set for your little birds. If your birds enjoy undoing the knots, this is the perfect setting for your birds. The movable colorful wooden blocks will also encourage them to play for hours.

Top features of this cockatiel toy.

1. Colorful Wooden Block

The Mewtogo Bird Toys are made of many pieces of the colorful wooden block and knotted rope. The entire arch of the blocks is united in a tight chain.

It’s a perfect exercise and entertaining tool for small or medium birds that love dismantling the toy and undoing the knots.

2. Adjustable shape.

The wooden blocks are movable in the chain. So it engages your birds for hours. The chain and wooden blocks can be put together in different shapes. You can use it to make a bridge or to make an arch.

3. Safe for Birds.

The Mewtwo Bird toys are made with good quality materials that are challenging to be destroyed and also safe for your birds. The cage hanging clip is also safe for your birds.

Safe for birds play.The top metal hanging clip is unsafe.
Quality material.
Engage birds for hours to undo the knots and dismantle the toys.
Adjustable shape.

Final Verdict

Bring this toy set for your little lovebirds and cockatiels and watch them playing with it for hours. The only drawback of this set is its metal hanging clip which can cause your birds injury though rarely. It will be best if you replace it with some rope.

4. Bona Bird Toys Shredding Toy.

This Bona Bird Toy is one of the best toys for cockatiels. Your cockatiels are going to love this foraging toy with such great features.

Top features of this cockatiel toy.

1. Suitable For Any Sized Birds.

This toy is ideal for small, medium, large, and any size and type of birds. So you don’t need to worry about your bird’s size to buy this.

2. High-Quality Bird-Safe Materials.

The woods, foam and all other materials of this toy are non-toxic and 100% safe for birds.

3. Easy Installation

You don’t even need a minute to install it in the cage, which makes it quite handy.

High quality and safe material.The foam pieces can be troublesome with long and curved beaks like parrots.
A great remedy for cage boredom.
Easily installed in cages or any bird’s playground.
Appropriate for any size and type of birds.

Final Verdict

You can get this foraging toy for your cockatiels without a second thought but if you are considering it for your parrots too, then take out the foam pieces from the toy set.

5. Jusney Comfy Rope Bird Toy.

The Jusney Bird Rope Perch is the absolution stress reliever and comfortable toy for your cockatiels. Such easy installable and safe toys are a must for your bird companions.

Top features of this cockatiel toy.

1. Size Variation.

The Jusney Bird Rope Perches comes in various sizes (21, 33, 36, 41, 48 inches) for various sized cages and birds. So you can the one depending on the size of your bird and its cage.

2. Non-Toxic Food Color Dyed Cotton.

The cotton cover on the rope has been dyed with non-toxic food color Dyes. So it’s safe if your cockatiels chew on it.

3. Relief From Cage stress and Boredom.

With this rope perch, you can change the location and shape regularly, which will bring changes in their cage surrounding. It helps to relieve cage stress, boredom with a little exercise.

No harmful chemical dye.Easily demolished.
Allows changing cage surroundings frequently.Not durable.
Gives relief from cage-stress and boredom.
First for any sized cage.
Appropriate for medium-sized birds.

Final Verdict

The Jusney bird rope perches are good for medium-sized birds since large birds tend to demolish it within weeks.

6. Bvanki Rainbow Bridge Hanging Toy.

The Bvanki Colorful Rainbow Bridge is an excellent toy for your cockatiels. You can hang this toy vertically or can create a bridge with it. Both the way your furry friends are going to love this toy.

Top features of this cockatiel toy.

1. Suspension Design

The suspension design of the colorful Rainbow Bridge is enjoyable and appropriate for almost all kinds of birds.

2. Combination of Different Elements

This Bvanki toy consists of a variety of materials like wooden pieces, metal accessories, and metal connectors, which make it more interesting as your cockatiel has a little chance to get bored with it.

3. Safe Materials

All of the wooden and metal pieces that construct this toy set are handmade and safe for your birds. The vibrant colors are also conducted from food color dyes, which is 100% bird safe.

Food Color Dye.Not appropriate for large birds
Handmade from natural woods.Has an odor.
Safe metal accessories and connector.

Final Verdict

The Bvanki parrot toy has an odor of chemicals. Despite that fact, this would be a great enjoyment for your cockatiel buddies.

7. Super Bird Foraging Wall Bird Toy.

The Super Bird Seagrass Foraging Wall is quite a unique and exciting toy for any kind of fun-loving birds, including cockatiels. This foraging wall has been designed with both playing features combining with mental management, which keeps your birds mentally sound and secured.

Top features of this cockatiel toy.

Enriched Benefits

The colorful wooden elements and seagrass on this foraging wall will stimulate your bird to explore more and more. Tuck some tasty treats inside the foraging toys to make it more fun and enjoyable maximizing their mental and physical benefits.

Mental Management

The Super Bird Seagrass Foraging Wall is not designed for play purposes only! This toy helps to relieve stress, depression, and aggression. In one word it manages the mental health of your birds through fun playing.

Organic and good quality materials

All the elements used in this toy is made of safe and organic wood, seagrass, and pod cups. The colors used are also organic and bird safe.

Interesting Design.Entanglement risk.
Bird-Safe Components.Not for Small or Medium birds.
Relieves boredom, depression, aggression.
Suitable for Large Birds.

Final Verdict

Bring this mental management toy for your cockatiel and get free from worrying about your birds when you are outside.

bird toys
bird toys

Buying guide for cockatiel toys.

Choosing the best toys for your pet birds involves checking on a few things about the toys to decide whether it’s the suitable one for your birds or not.

1. Types of cockatiel toys.

The only difference that you should consider while buying the best toys for cockatiels is its size and nature.

There are many types of toys, like Noisy toys, Exercise toys, Shredding toys, Foraging toys, Chewing toys and etc.

But when you go to choose the type of cockatiel toys in specific, try to get one that combines most of these different types in only one set.

For instance, noisy toys will keep it interesting while exercising toys will make your birds work out on a regular basis.

2. Cockatiel toy material.

Make sure every element that constructs the toy set you are choosing for your birds are bird-friendly and safe for them.

The fabric, rope, and cord materials should be comfortable with a good grip for your cockatiels. And the wood, plastics, bell or other metal elements must not have any sharp edges that might hurt your furry friends.

3. Size of the toy.

Size is a must-look feature when buying toys for your cockatiels. Most manufacturers mention which sized birds their toys have been made for.

Whether or not they mention you always need to keep your cockatiel’s size in mind before buying the best cockatiel toys and also the size of its cage and cage door should be a concern.

4. Life shelf of the toy.

You need to consider how long a toy will last. If your cockatiel buddy is an active fellow and enjoys chewing, you need to choose some toys that are challenging to chew or damage it, that would last at least several weeks.

5. Diversity.

Besides size and durability, you should also consider its diversity since cockatiels get bored very easily.

So choose a toy with vibrant and multi-colored elements, bells and beads, rattling ball, garlands and etc. all in one set.

The more diversity adds to the set, the more your birds are going to love it.

Overview on Cockatiels

Natural Habitat 

These spectacular little creatures is native to the semi-arid regions of Australia. Cockatiels are widely distributed throughout the mainland of Australia, though they tend to prefer the open inland areas across the coastlines. 

Hence, they are found to exist in a predictable migratory pattern with denser population in the south-western continental areas of Australia. Their existence is also found in Tasmania, deepest Western Australian deserts, and Cape York Peninsula. However, they always tend to congregate near the source of freshwater. 

The temperature of cockatiel’s habitats largely varies from 4.5°C and 43°C as they prefer large tree hollows to build their nests beside water and approximately 1-2 meters above from the ground.

Gender Identification

It’s often difficult to identify whether your cockatiel is a male or female, especially when they are aged 0-9 months. So, better wait until the bird molts for the first time, usually happens between 6 to 9 months of their age. The new coat of plumage after each molt becomes more defined and colorful which shows strong indication of their sex.

All female cockatiels and juveniles have whitish, greyish, or yellowish markings on the underside of their tail feathers, sometimes it’s like horizontal strips and sometimes like dots. Males do not have any markings.

A typical grey male cockatiel has a brighter yellow face with bright orange spots. Whereas, a female has a lighter color. Moreover, male cockatiels have a more vocal ability than the females.

If you still can’t be sure of the gender, you should take your cockatiel to see a veterinarian to take a taste.  

Personality and Behavior

Cockatiels are social beings. In nature they are usually found to rest and move in a small group to large flocks. They are naturally friendly and timid. They often show certain preferences for their nesting and foraging habits.

Cockatiels are not seen to have prevalent defense mechanisms. Thus they do not attack until they sense any threat. Wild cockatiels are always alert and are light sleepers.

Thus, even after a few generations of mutations, pet cockatiels still may have an occasional night-fright episode. Try to leave a night light on in its room to comfort it. 

Cockatiels are extremely friendly and social pets. They enjoy and cherish the moments you spend with them and give them your attention. Whether it’s a little pat or talking, they will communicate with you back always. 

Food Habit

Cockatiels are great ground foragers. Their zygodactylous toes help them both hold onto perches and walk around on the ground with ease. 

With a pair of stable feet they walk along the ground and feed on a variety of plant and animal matter using those sharp and curved beaks. Acacia seeds are the most favorite food for wild Cockatiels. 

For pet Cockatiels, sprinkling crumbled treats or millet seeds on the bottom of the cage can be a great idea to offer them the prospect of foraging. At best you can prepare a spacious cage, accommodated with multiple perches and toys and food bowls.

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