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Top 5 Best ice boots for horses reviewed and analyzed.

Best ice boots
Best ice boots. Image source Pixabay.

The best ice boots for horses have longer cooling time and in most cases durable enough to last at least half a year.

If you still think, the old cold water wash is perfect, then you are wasting time and slowing down your horse’s recovery time.

In fact, a research study found the commercial ice boots provide longer and better cooling that is crucial for equine fitness.

Let’s get started!

Why are ice boots so important for horses?

Ice boots help cooling down your horse’s tired and injured legs. It helps relieve pain and ensures that your horse recovers faster.

For horse owners who have horses that participate in competitions, this magical treatment product is essential.

Best ice boots for horses reviews.

1. Tough 1 Ice boot for long-lasting cooling

Tough 1 is one of the best ice boots for horses, especially if you want longer-lasting icing.

The overall material and function of the ice boot are of high quality. The downfall is that the cooling can be uniform.

Top features of this horse ice boot

1. Adjustable velcros

The ice boot has 4 velcro straps. This is great for an appropriate fit for all leg sizes. The straps also help you to control the amount of compression you need for the leg.

2. Longer cooling

For cooling, a gel is used in this ice boot. But compared to many other gel-based ice boots in the market, Tough 1 remains cooler for more than 1 to 1.5 hours.

So, if you have a horse who has swollen legs and needs treatment for a long time, we would highly recommend this ice boot. 

3. Nylon shell for durability

The ice boot material is nylon, and its durability can be compared to that of neoprene. You can expect the ice boot to last more than 6 months for heavy users. 

4. Easy refrigeration

There is no removable ice pack option in this ice boot. So, that’s an advantage. Just put the ice boot in the refrigerator overnight and use it right away.

5. Softer ice

The gel used for cooling remains soft even after overnight refrigeration. So, this is comfortable for your horse, and you can compress it with the velcros easily.

Can keep horse legs cooler for more than 1 hour. You get only 1 boot for this price.
Easy to refrigerate and fasten .
Velcro aids compression and smooth fit .
Durable and long lasting .

Final Verdict

If you have been struggling to get longer cooling durations from other ice boots, this can be worth a try.

2. Professionals Choice standard ice boot.

This brand makes one of the best ice boots for horses. And these ice boots are best for several reasons:

High-quality fabric, comfortable fit, and safe on the horses. 

Top Features of this horse ice boot

1. Neoprene exterior for insulation

Neoprene is a highly durable material that also keeps dirt and debris away from sticking to it. It acts as an insulator for keeping the gel intact for longer cooling. 

2. Nylon linings for added protection

Nylon linings are a great addition in an ice boot. This helps to protect the skin from damage due to ice burns.

3. Large coverage

The Ice boot is large in size and can cover tendons, pasterns, and high tendons altogether.

You can buy two sizes: the standard size, which is 13.75″ tall and 15″ wide. And the large size is 17″ tall and 17″ wide. 

4. Longer cooling with gel

You don’t need to pour ice in these boots. The gel remains inside, and you just have to refrigerate the ice boot overnight.

You can carry it to the barns without any need for freezing there.

30-day money back guarantee. Lack of uniform cooling which is common in gel-based ice boots.
Protects from ice burns.
High-quality material with durability.
Keeps the ice gel frozen for a long time.

Final Verdict

This ice boot is specifically designed keeping the protection of your horse’s legs in mind. The best part is you get two ice boots for this price.

3. Professionals Choice full leg ice boots.

This is a different version of the standard professional’s choice ice boots.

The real deal here is that it offers full coverage of the legs and has all the super features that you want to see in any ice boots.

Top features of this horse ice boot

1. Full leg coverage

For all the horse owners who have horses suffering from swelling from long rides, you want to ice their overall legs for fast recovery.

This boot can provide coverage from knee down for horses less than 15 hands to above 15 hands. 

2. Durable and well insulated

Insulation is the key to keeping your horse’s legs dry and also increase the cooling time. The neoprene material is extremely durable and can survive daily usage for more extended periods. 

3. Stays cool longer

This set of professionals choice boots has gel inside, and it saves you quite a lot of time in preparation. You can expect an hour of cooling after every refrigeration. 

4. Extra protection

Nylon linings provide extra protection against the ice and save from ice burns. It’s also great for keeping debris and dirt away. 

Crafted for cooling the entire leg of horses.The cooling might not be even. So you have to reopen and shift directions.
Long lasting material.
Stays securely fit longer.
Multiple usages from one refrigeration

Final Verdict

This is an ice boot that is intended for long horses and keeps up to its reputations.

4. Ice-Vibe boots with cooling and massage therapy.

The Ice-Vibe boots are possibly among the best ice boots for horses ever. But the major downfall is that these are very expensive.

If you have an injured horse recovering, the goodness of this ice boot can, in fact, outweigh the price you pay.

We can say it is the perfect ice boot for a recovering horse. 

Top features of this horse ice boot

1. Massage panel to circulate blood

You get two rechargeable massage panel along with two ice packs. The Massage system is effective to regulate blood flow that might slow down due to cooling.

This added massage therapy is crucial for helping injured horses recover fast. 

2. Settings for post and pre-work effectiveness

There are 3 settings to choose from. When your horse is just starting to get used to the massage, the 10-minute setting is the best. It is milder.

Before exercise, you can opt for the second set, which is 20 minutes and is stronger than the first setting. Use ice packs with it.

For post-exercise, use only the third setting. Because the massage is the strongest here. 

3. Pockets for a specific direction of massage

There are 4 pockets in different parts of the ice boot where you can keep the message panel.  In this way, you can direct the message to the place where you want it. 

4. Ice bag for cooling

It has two ice bags that you can refrigerate and wrap along with the boot. 

5. Neoprene exterior enables durability

Neoprene material ensures that your ice boot lasts longer and also provides cooling for a longer time.

Great combo of massage and cooling together. Expensive.
Specifically designed for fast recovery from injuries.
Cooling lasts longer.
USB charging enables portable charging on the go.

Final Verdict

It might seem expensive, but it’s the best option you have for helping recover injured horses.

5. Professionals Choice 9 pocket ice boot

In any horse product reviews, Professionals Choice takes up quite some places. Because they create great products for the equine family.

Our third Professional Choice ice boot in this list is crafted for cooling the entire legs uniformly. 

This is an advantage that you will miss in gel-based ice boots.

It is one of the best horse boots for ice treatment!

Top features of this horse ice boot

1. Direct usage of ice cubs or crush

There are ice pockets in designated areas that you have to fill in with ice cubes or more preferably ice crush for cooling. This helps in uniformly cooling your equine’s legs. 

2. 9 pockets for extensive cooling coverage

The ice boot is 23 inches in height and can cover from knee to the pastern. There are 9 ice pockets in this boot, and you can fill every one of them with ice and let your horse enjoy the calming effects. 

3. Strong fastening velcros

The velcros are strong and help to keep the boot in place. Even if your horse moves, you don’t have to worry about it becoming loose. 

4. Neoprene for more prolonged cooling and durability

Neoprene is a standard material in a professional’s choice of ice boots. And hence the quality of cooling is always longer and better than most other ice boots in the market. 

Helps in cooling the entire leg.Time-consuming as you need to load all the pockets separately.
Uniform cooling aided by ice pockets.
Stays in place.
It maintains temperature for a long period.

Final Verdict

Our experts think that this product is one of the best ice boots for horses and you can hardly gain such uniform cooling from other ice boots.

Best ice horse boots
Best ice horse boots

Best ice horse boots buying guide

1. Material characteristics

The material used in making horse ice boots is very crucial for selecting a long-lasting ice boot.

Two of the most popular material that ice boots manufacturers use are:

  • Neoprene
  • Denier Nylon

Our horse experts have found neoprene to be superior. This material is ultra-durable and capable of maintaining stability in a wide range of temperatures and different weather conditions.

The best part is neoprene is water-resistant and provides proper insulation for the gel or ice cubes to remain cool for longer periods.

It’s also tear-resistant and hence safe to use for years together.

2. Velcro or zippers

For easy and quick fastening zippers work great. But the downfall is it’s not adjustable, and the sound can distract your horse.

So, we think you should be looking for velcro straps in ice boots for horses. It helps to fasten securely and adjusted on different sizes of horse legs.

3. Frequency of use

If you have a horse competing in challenges, he might be more prone to injuries. So, the frequency of use also increases.

In this case, you can opt for a more expensive and durable ice boot. Because this is an investment that will pay off.

4. Gel pack or ice pack

Some ice boots have to be loaded with ice cubes or gel packs. And others have to be refrigerated as a whole.

So, it’s better to go for an ice boot that has gelled and has to be refrigerated.

This is because it saves you time and gel packs keep your horse legs cooler for longer.

Leg-Icing Techniques for horses

Horses are naturally strong and energetic. That’s what makes them able to run along a long distance.

Though horses don’t complain about it but if you notice you might see them getting a slight swelling to heavy bruises on their leg surface.

Unless it is a pulled tendon or something more severe, the easiest but effective thing you can do every now and then is to give them a minimum 15-20 minutes of Leg-icing spa. Here we discuss a few techniques of Leg icing your horses.

Technique #1: Ice Cups

Applying Ice Cups is an “On-The-Spot” cold therapy for horses’ legs. This is a cheap alternative for the other icing techniques though it requires a little labor than the other techniques.  

In this icing technique you need to stay with your horse while icing his leg using a Styrofoam or Paper cups. Styrofoam cups are better since they give you an insulated handhold facility and also keep the ice frozen longer.

All you need is to fill up the cups with water and leave them in a refrigerator to freeze them. Once frozen, without exerting any pressure, lay the ice against the specific swollen or bruised areas for at least 15-20 minutes.

During the process, when ice starts to melt, peel away the cup material to expose more. This technique is a bit laborious and time consuming, but it is as effective as the other methods.

Technique #2: Inner Tube

Using an Inner tube icing method, you don’t need to be with your horse while icing. You need to put your horse’s leg through a 1.5 to 2 feet long piece of inner tube, to make sure its top reaches above the knee and its bottom reaches below its fetlock.

Put the outer curve of the inner tube along the back of his leg’s curvature. Wrap up the bottom of the tube with a snug fitting then pour crushed ice into the top of the tube.

Depending on the weather and leg condition you can give him 30-45 minutes of continuous icing without any physical supervision.

Technique #3: Icing Boots

Icing boots are the most expensive technique of icing your horse’s legs. But you should consider the fact that it is also the most effective and the least labor-free icing method.

Icing boots are different from inner tubes as they give a more secure fit and give coverage to the bottom surface of the horse’s legs. While putting on an icing boot, ice packs are attached with the flaps of the boot.

So, they don’t have any direct contact with the ice and do not experience scorching chills at their feet. Icing boots offer 20-45 minutes of cold therapy uninterruptedly. 

ice boots for horses
ice boots for horses

Ice boots for horses FAQ

1. What are the precautions of using ice boots for horses?

  • The first precaution is to make sure the legs of your horses are dry. Otherwise, dermatitis can occur.
  • The second precaution is to make sure the ice boots are clean and sanitized. If you have multiple horses using a single set of ice boots, clean and sanitize them in between. Otherwise, germs and bacteria can spread.
  • Avoid extended exposure to ice boots. Anything between 15-20 minutes is healthy and effective. 

2. Is it worth spending money on ice boots?

Sometimes, horse owners argue that a cold wash is better and inexpensive than ice boots.

Yes, a cold wash is inexpensive, but we don’t think it’s better.

For a cold wash treatment, you need to have a constant supply of cold water and also need lots of supervision time.

And keeping your horse legs wet can call for troubles regarding germs and bacteria.

Ice boots are definitely worth spending money on!

3. Horse ice boots or horse ice wraps, what is the right terminology?

If we analyze from a technical perspective, horse ice wrap is the right terminology.

Because ice boots don’t cover the horse foot.

But nonetheless, horse ice boot is the term more commonly used, and that’s the reason we used it too.

4. Are Ice boots really effective?

Yes, ice boots are really effective for cooling the underlying soft tissues of a horse’s leg surface temperature. That’s why expert veterinarians suggest that ice boots can be a useful solution to control heat and inflammation of the horse’s legs. If icing is applied in the early stage of an injury on a horse’s leg it helps to shrink the blood swelled blood vessels by cooling down the temperature.

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