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Top 5 Best horseshoes for flipping in 2020 reviewed.

best horseshoes for flip. Image Source Pixabay.

For all you backyard flippers, we reviewed 5 best horseshoes for flipping.

The goal was to find design specifications that would be convenient to flip pitching and in some ways to turn to pitch as well.

Some of the horseshoes in this list are also durable enough to meet your horse’s rough racing if you have any BTW.

If you have a higher budget, you can opt for more professional horseshoes like Competition Tournament and Mustang Professional horseshoes.

But if you don’t have the budget or don’t want to spend more for recreational use, this list also covers the lower end horseshoes. However, this may come with certain disadvantages like a lower life span and simplified design.

Let’s get started!

Best horseshoes for flipping reviews.

1. Franklin Sports Recreational Horseshoes.

For those of you who love Franklin sports products, we have this horseshoe that might satisfy your brand loyalty. However, these horseshoes are prone to breakage

But if you consider the low price, we think it’s fairly usable for recreational purposes.

Top Features of this horseshoe set.

1. Cast iron material.

The cast iron is the primary reason why the horseshoes are so cheap. You can’t always afford forged iron, can you?

2. Stakes are easy to anchor.

The stakes have tapered ends that allow for easy anchoring in the ground. The stakes are durable enough to withstand horseshoe impact.

3. Powder-coated for a durable finish.

Powder coating is used to add durability to the horseshoe set.

Durable stakes.Horseshoes are not durable.
Easy to anchor stakes.Breaks in few attempts.
Inexpensive.Shorter stakes.

Final Verdict.

The recreational version of the Franklin Sports horseshoes might not be outstanding as a product. However, you might want to look at their advanced and classic versions for higher quality. Nonetheless, you get what you pay for.

2. St. Pierre American Professional Series.

The St. Pierre American professional series is one of the best horseshoes for flipping.

The design and balance of the horseshoes are crafted for professional gameplay and offers high-class durability.

The only downfall we found was the stakes being short and thin. But that’s still manageable if you love the horseshoes.

Top features of this horseshoe set.

1. Forged steel ensures durability.

The horseshoes are made from traditional forged steel that ensures that you can play for a long time without cracks or breakage.

2. Advanced weight balance.

These horseshoes are NHPA approved. So, it maintains standard weight. But the best part is there is more weight added to the tips of the shoes. This helps to gain more control and balance as you flip the shoe.

3. Effective design for scoring ringer.

For ringing easily, the tips are kept longer than usual horseshoes and also enable to rotate the shoe smoothly.

4. Designed to grab easily.

It has a raised thumb grip of a ¼ inch on every shoe that makes it very easy to grab the horseshoe and provides more control on every flip.

5. Bonus items.

The carrying case is plastic and keeps the horseshoes organized. You also get a rule book along with the set that is a real bonus when kids have just started to learn this game.

Specially designed to aid flip pitchers.Short and thin stakes.
It adds a lot of control and balance on every pitching.
Best for scoring ringers.
Extremely durable.
60-day money-back guarantee.

Final Verdict.

The stakes might be a real problem in this set. However, you can always buy a longer stake later, but the horseshoes you are getting from this set are of high quality and will last longer than most horseshoes.

3. Trademark innovations pro horseshoe set.

We can’t vouch for the fact that it is one of the best horseshoe sets for flipping. But nonetheless, the overall weight and feel of these horseshoes are great for recreational pitching.

Don’t get fooled by the word ‘pro’ in the name of this product. It has its own pros and cons, and some of them are not good for professional playing.

Top features of this horseshoe set.

1. Balanced weight.

The horseshoes have close to 2.5 pounds weight each, and the weight is balanced around the edges and the round part. This is the best part of Trademark innovations horseshoes.

2. Steel material.

The manufacturer mentions that they use steel material for making these horseshoes. But there are mixed reactions from users. Some reported breakage in a very short time, others have managed to use for months.

3. Solid feel.

The feel of the horseshoes is pretty solid, and due to proper weight distribution, pitching also becomes easier.

4. Durable Casing.

The casing is pretty durable. However, you can expect some of the stitching to break or lose over time.

A great balance of weight makes easy to flip.Stakes are smaller in size, just 20 inches.
The solid feel is comfortable for griping.Stakes have just 0.5 to 0.6 inches in diameter.
Maintains NHPA standard weight.The coating comes off easily.
Perfect for recreational use.

Final verdict.

The big downfall of buying this horseshoe set is the stakes that come with it. You need to have 14″ above the ground, which is hard when stakes are just 18-20 inches long. Also, the standard law requires the diameter to be 1 inch. Other than that, it’s a good buy for fun and parties.

4. Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes.

The Mustang Professional Pitching Horseshoes are always on top of every horseshoe review list. These shoes are highly durable and maintain perfect weight for tournament games. The best part is the design is suited for flipping.

Top features of this horseshoe set.

1. Iron alloy for durability.

The manufacturer uses a unique alloy iron that’s durable and less prone to breakage. You can expect it to hold its structure even after a year of heavy usage.

2. Thumb centering rear cleat for flippers.

There is a thumb centering option at the rear cleat that makes it ideal for backyard flippers to make scores accurately.

3. Wider tips for turn pitchers.

The tips are wider than usual, which is beneficial for turn pitchers.

4. NHPA standard weight.

The weight of each horseshoe is approximately 2.5 pounds, which makes them ideal for tournaments and backyard practicing.

Crafted to suit flippers and turn pitchers.
Balanced weight across the blades.
Easy grabbing.
Highly durable.

Final Verdict.

These made in USA horseshoes are high-class creations from Thoroughbred Horseshoes. Whether you are a flipper or turn pitcher, you can score heavily with these.

5. Competition Tournament Pitching Horseshoes.

Our horseshoe pitching experts vouch that this is one of the best horseshoes for flipping, if not the best.

The reason is relatively simple- the use of high-quality material, advanced design fundamentals, and balanced weight.

You get only 1 pair of horseshoes in this price, but these are NHPA approved for real horseshoe pitching tournaments.

Top features of this horseshoe set.

1. Premium quality forged steel for durability.

The horseshoes are crafted from premium ASI forged steel. Forged steel creates an internal grain structure that can withstand impact better than any other metal. So, you can expect high durability and play at least a year without breakage.

2. Resists bounce-off from impact.

The manufacturer uses medium-soft steel, and this helps the shoes to bounce off when hitting the stakes or the ground. This also helps in elongating the lifespan of the shoes.

3. Weighted tips for accuracy and control.

Weight is carefully distributed to the tips of the shoes. This increased weighting enables greater control and accuracy over pitching.

4. An increased radius enables easy scoring.

The radius of the round part of the horseshoes is large and of course, approved by the NHPA. This design is significant in scoring more ringers.

The hooks are elongated and hardened at the end so that it sticks easily to the stakes.

5. Gripping comfort.

There is an elevated portion at the hooks that makes it easy to grip for flipping or pitching.

Designed for flipping and turn to pitch.Expensive as you get only two horseshoes at this price.
Super durable and lasts longer.
Balanced weight.
Suited for increased scoring frequency.
NHPA approved for tournaments.
1-year warranty against breakage.

Final Verdict.

If you need a long-lasting and pro-level horseshoe that gives you more control over scoring, this is the horseshoe set you should be getting.

Buying guide for best horseshoe sets.

1. Recreational vs. professional.

You can choose between recreational and professional sets of horseshoes. Though both are made from the same heavy materials, the difference lies in their structure.

  • Recreational horseshoe sets: Recreational horseshoes are inexpensive and generally have four shoes, a pair of stakes and a case for carrying. For kids and senior citizens, you can also buy rubber horseshoes. These are lightweight and eliminates the chances of any injury.
  • Professional horseshoe sets: The professional horseshoe sets maintain standard weight required by the NHPA and the weight is balanced properly for accurate pitching. Generally, these types of horseshoes are more expensive than recreational ones.

2. Material.

The material used in making horseshoes dictate the overall quality and price. You might consider getting one of these three materials for horseshoes:

  • Drop forged steel: Drop forged steel is the best material to use fo horseshoes. It is made by forging steel using a hammer. The process requires expert skills and also time-consuming. This makes it quite expensive and not suitable for recreational use.
  • Ductile iron: In almost all recreational horseshoes, you will find ductile iron. This material is inexpensive and makes it easier to afford. But the downfall is ductile iron horseshoes break easily.
  • Alloy cast steel: Alloy cast steel is expensive than ductile iron. It is used in both professional and recreational horseshoes.

3. Weight distribution.

For professional purposes, you might consider getting a horseshoe that weighs 2.5 pounds. The weight distribution along the edges and the round part is also crucial for increasing the chance of scoring a ring.

Weight can also differ between steel, forged and ductile irons.

4. Individual use vs. team use.

Ideally, a four-piece horseshoe set is enough to play with 3-4 people. But if you have family parties and functions and two to three teams competing against one another, it’s better to get multiple horseshoe sets or buy sets that have 8 pieces.

5. Carrying case.

The case for carrying the horseshoes are worth considering. A premium case will ensure the shoes get maximum protection and keep them organized.

But you can also cut costs using a lower quality case. For professional purposes, we highly recommend getting premium cases.

How to take care of horseshoe sets.

The best horseshoe sets will remain best if follow these:

  • Protection against rain and sun: Rain or sun both can damage horseshoes. It can cause rusting and also make the horseshoes brittle. So, don’t leave your horseshoes outside for extended periods.
  • Using soft surface: It’s best to anchor your horseshoes in soil. And also loosen up the soil around to decrease the impact. You can also use wood for anchoring the stakes.
  • Coating with paint: Regular painting of the horseshoes is a must. You can use weather-resistant paint for coating the horseshoes. Otherwise, the shoes can quickly become rusty. Also, the paint absorbs the shock to some extent when hitting the stake or the ground.
  • Multiple or spare set: It’s better to have multiple sets of horseshoe sets with different weights. Although this is not required for professional pitching, for playing family this can help. You can also keep a spare horseshoe set if breakage happens.

Horseshoes for flipping FAQ.

1. Are horseshoes for flipping and horseshoes for pitching the same?

Players often use the terms ‘flip pitchers’ and ‘side pitcher’ for explaining the way of individual pitching.

So, horseshoes for the flip is alternatively used for horseshoes for pitching.

2. How horseshoe pitching became popular?

The game of horseshoe pitching or flipping originates from ancient Rome when common people couldn’t afford the equipment to play games like that of the Olympics.

So, they started playing with horseshoes that they had in abundance.

Later when the game spread across Europe, it became popular through the English people.

After 1910 when the first organized championship of the horseshoe pitching was held, the game gained widespread popularity.

3. How do you prepare the court?

The standard law of pitching requires you to play between 37 feet from one stake to another.

For backyard playing, you can decrease the distance to 25-27 feet so that women and children also get their shot.

It’s better to play on a soft surface to ensure that the horseshoes suffer minimal damage.

Loosen the soil where you will plant the stakes and keep them 15 inches above the ground.

4. How to use horseshoes for flipping?

The game is easy to play. You just have to put the horseshoes on the stakes.

For flipping, you need to throw using by gripping the round end of the horseshoe. In this way, the horseshoe flips through the air.

If you are playing this game for recreational purposes, flipping is the most common method used.

5. Are there any laws for playing?

The National Horseshoe Pitching Association (NHPA) governs and operates laws of horseshoe pitching game.

Basically, there are 12 rules of the game that governs the scoring, nature of throwing, the court measurements, and player conduct throughout the tournament.

You can find all the laws here.

6. What type of surface should I choose to play?

It’s better to play the game on soil or wooden surface.

Many individuals play on concrete surfaces. However, this can decrease the life shelf of your horseshoes and break them at some point.

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