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Top 5 Best Horse shampoo reviews in 2020.

best horse shampoo
best horse shampoo. Image source Pixabay.

Looking for horse shampoo reviews to get the right shampoo for your stallion?

Horses are amazing animals that require as much care as any other pets!

Some of the shampoos in this list will help save you hundreds of dollars on vet bills. And if you participate in horse shows regularly, you can’t compromise with their skin and coat health.

Here’s what we found!

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List of 5 Best Horse shampoo reviews.

1. Healthy Haircare Lanolin enriched Hair moisturizer.

2. Miracle Coat Spot remover for Horse.

3. Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Shampoo.

4. Shapley’s Original M-T-G.

5. Mane ‘N Tail shampoo and conditioner combo.

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Our criteria for choosing the best horse shampoo and conditioner.

Before we started reviewing horse shampoos, it was essential to find a standard that we could use to differentiate good shampoo from bad shampoo.

Not all shampoos in this list might meet this standard, but we will clearly mention the downsides in our horse shampoo reviews.

1. No parabens and sulfates.

  • Parabens are artificial preservatives used in most shampoos for humans, dogs, and horses. It can cause irritations and even skin allergies in your stallion.
  • Sulfates are more dangerous. Though it helps to get rid of dirt efficiently, it can also destroy your horse’s hair follicles. As we know, horses have very sensitive eyes. Exposure to sulfates can even lead to blindness or eye damage.

2. Free from Synthetic color and synthetic fragrance.

Synthetic color and fragrance are artificial additives commonly used in shampoos. These chemicals can cause hair loss and irritation in your equine.

3. Ingredients are mostly natural.

The more natural ingredients you see in a horse shampoo, the better it’s worth buying.

From Oatmeals to coconut, you can find all sorts of natural ingredients combined in horse shampoos.

All-natural horse shampoos are best but if you can’t find one that suits your equine, look for the one that has more natural stuff than artificial additives.

4. No detergents.

Some manufacturers can con you into buying shampoos that they claim to remove heavy dirt. But in reality, these shampoos contain strong detergents.

Detergents can rupture hair cells and cause irritation.

A horse without majestic hair is like a car without its body paint.

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5 Best Horse shampoo reviews.

1. Curaseb Antifungal & Antibacterial Shampoo.

Curaseb is one of the best horse shampoos for fighting bacterial and fungal attacks. It’s a shampoo that you can use every day to wash your horse.

Unlike other horse shampoos, it will leave a refreshing smell on your horse’s coat after washing.

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Top features of this horse shampoo.

1. Lathers nicely to give a smooth clean.

The Cursed shampoo has rich lather agents and makes it easy to wash your horse. You can use it daily without any irritation.

2. Chlorhexidine acts as an antiseptic.

Chlorhexidine can reduce the growth of bacteria on horse coat substantially as it kills microorganisms present inside the skin.

As it also has antiseptic property, you can expect it to prevent infections from cuts.

3. Ketoconazole prevents fungal growth and dandruff.

Ketoconazole is an antifungal ingredient. So any pet shampoo that has will prevent fungal growth and as well as dandruff on skin.

4. Aloe vera moisturizes and heals the skin.

Aloe vera is rich in antioxidants and is highly anti-inflammatory. So marks from itching or even sunburn can be healed with this. It also acts as a moisturizer on dry skins.

5. Refreshing smell.

Users are pleased with the smell of this shampoo. It smells like cucumber melon.

Great for preventing fungal and bacterial infection.Some users reported nonuniformity in the color and texture of the shampoo when they ordered several times. But the shampoo works just fine!
Heals the infected areas.
Moisturizes and deep cleans the coat.
Amazing smell.

Final verdict.

If you lots of different kinds of pets like horses, cats, and dogs at your home, buying just one shampoo will do the job.

02. Shapley’s Original M-T-G.

The Sharpley’s Original M-G-T is more of a skin treatment product than a shampoo. If you have a bottle of this at home, you can save vet bills from rain rot, itching, and other fungal infections.

It has been formulated to help stop hair loss and regrow fast, making it the best horse shampoo for hair growth.

Top features of this horse shampoo.

1. Heal’s rain rot.

Rain rot is a common infection in horses living in humid areas. This can lead to hair loss and other serious health problems.

Sharpley’s original formula has cade oil that acts as an antiseptic and fungicide to remove rain rot.

2. Removes dandruff from mane and tail.

Horses with dandruff have found positive results from using this excellent horse skincare product. Dandruff, especially on the mane, has reduced drastically in many horses as reported by users.

3. Helps in detangling hair

The presence of paraffinic distillates detangles the mane and tail hair easily. This ingredient has a lubricating property and is commonly used in hair and skin care products.

4. Relieves from sweet itch pain.

Sweet itch pain can cause severe irritation and pain in horses. The zinc stearate and cade oil both have inflammatory and soothing properties to ease sweet itch pain.

5. Regrow hair on cuts and patchy areas.

If your horse has lost a considerable amount of hair from rubbing, rain rot or itching, applying Sharpley’s original formula can promote significant hair regrowth in 7-8 days.

Soothes skin from rain rot and itching pain.Some users reported flaky dry skin after applying this. In that case, you can use jojoba oil after the treatment.
Antibacterial and fungicidal properties can keep away sweet itch problems.
Solves patchy skin issues and regrows new hair in affected areas.
Improve coat and hair quality drastically.

Final verdict.

This is by far the best horse shampoo for skin treatment. If you’re looking to clean your horse from mud and dirt, opt for another horse shampoo.

But if you want an overall solution for making your horse’s skin healthy, this product is incomparable.

3. Mane ‘N Tail shampoo and conditioner combo.

What we love about Mane ‘N Tail is that it has been specifically designed for horses. This shampoo works so good on horses that jealous owners have started to use it on their own hair.

It’s probably the best shampoo that almost always will occupy any horse shampoo reviews.

Top features of this horse shampoo.

1. Emollient to hydrate hair.

Emollient is a great ingredient to have in horse shampoos. This reduces hair tangling and adds shine to the hair. It acts as a sealer and preserves your horse’s natural oil and moisture.

2. Unique Protein Formula.

The unique protein formula in this shampoo helps in deep cleaning and softening your stallion’s hair.

3. Rich lather ingredients.

The lather is essential to make washing a horse easy. This shampoo has a rich lather that will wash all the dirt away in a healthy way.

4. The low price makes bulk buying easy.

Compared to the quality, the price is very low! As washing a horse requires a handsome amount of shampoo, you want to buy in bulk without hurting your wallet.

Moisturizers with emollients keep the skin hydrated and healthy.Has an unusual odor.
Specifically designed for horses, so the PH is also balanced.
Unique proteins that make the coat soft and shiny.
Reduces tangling and adds volume and bounce to horsehair.
You can use on your hair too to make it silky and bouncy (works on only long hair though).

Final verdict.

It is the best horse shampoo and conditioner combo in the market. You can use this shampoo on your horse day in day out without any issues.

4. Healthy Haircare Lanolin Enriched Hair Moisturizer.

The Healthy Haircare moisturizer for horses is specifically designed to keep skin hydrated and to detangle mane and tail. You can use this as a compliment with other horse shampoos.

The Healthy Haircare moisturizer for horses is specifically designed to keep skin hydrated and to detangle mane and tail. You can use this as a compliment with other horse shampoos.

Additionally, the product offers a moderate level of skincare treatment.

Top features of this horse shampoo.

1. Detangles and makes the coat silky.

This horse shampoo is best known for its detangling property. You can’t get a better detangler than this in such a price range. The silkiness is the result of this detangling.

2. Moisturizes skin.

The Lanolin in this shampoo helps to retain the natural oils of your horse and hence moisturizes the skin. But keep in mind some horses can react to this ingredient.

3. Relieves from itching.

Many users have also reported that using this conditioner has cured their horses of itching.

4. It eliminates static shock.

The shock from static electricity is common in horses. This happens in colder and hotter seasons when you wrap your stallion with a blanket. You can apply this conditioner all over his mane, and there won’t be any shock issues.

5. Amazing smell.

The best thing about this conditioner is the smell. You can hardly get a horse shampoo and conditioner that smells half as good as this.

Best for detangling the coat.Not so effective for cleaning as this is a conditioner.
Smells great.
Has Lanolin that traps the oil inside the skin.
Makes coat silky and smooth.
It can also be used on dogs and other pets.

Final verdict.

If you love to have your hands on a budget horse conditioner that works perfectly, this is the product you want. You can also add water, and the effects of the conditioner will remain the same.

5. Miracle Coat Spot remover for Horse.

 If you are looking for a ‘no rinse horse shampoo,’ the miracle coat spray is the best in the market.

It’s amazing how this product can clean and also provide a sufficient level of skin treatment at the same time without any water.

Top features of this horse shampoo.

1. Waterless cleaning.

During winter and very humid seasons, you can use this waterless horse shampoo to get rid of grass, manure, and dirt from your horse’s skin. No worry about any discolored spot that develops when you use soap and water.

2. Removes fungus attacks.

This horse shampoo is capable of eliminating fungus from the mane or tail in a moderate amount.

3. Promotes hair growth.

Applying it to patchy areas can aid hair growth to some extent. This is a real bonus that you can’t expect from spot removal sprays.

4. Brightens the coat.

If you have a white horse, it can make it whiter.

5. Protects against itching and rubbing.

The tea tree oil in this shampoo can soothe the pain from itching and rubbing. So you can expect your horse to graze without any discomfort.

Creates foam on rubbing that can help clean a horse efficiently.Only a few users reported that the smell can attract insects.
Best for washing a horse during the winter.
Eases itching and rubbing.
It has antifungal properties.
Aids in detangling tail and mane.

Final verdict.

If you have a horse show and don’t have enough time to clean your mud monster, this spray can efficiently clean the dirty spots and get him ready in minutes. Highly recommended horse shampoo for quick cleaning on the go.

Horse shampoo buying guide.

Assess the skin condition of your horse.

The first step is to assess the skin and hair condition of your horse.

If your horse is perfectly okay, sticking with a regular horse shampoo that you can use daily is the right way to go.

But in other cases, your horse might have lesions. So, you need to look for horse shampoo reviews that list shampoos with antibacterial or antifungal properties.

Horses can even have infections and skin irritations. In that case, look for herbal ingredients like lemongrass or tea tree oil in a horse shampoo.

For sun-bleached horses, moisturizing horse shampoos are best.

Whole-body wash or spot cleaning.

You can buy horse shampoo in two forms- regular shampoo and stain removal spray shampoo.

For dirt monsters, spot cleaning will help you get rid of dirt from certain places of their bodies. This saves you time from cleaning their whole body.

For shining the coat.

Horse skin is naturally oily. So, to keep their coat shining, get a shampoo that is mild.

Mild shampoos will keep the natural oils from being washed away.

As we mentioned earlier, avoid any horse shampoo that has ‘turbo,’ ‘detergent,’ or ‘super-strong’ written on it.

Do you want to boost your horse’s coat color?

Some horse shampoos have a blue or purple color. This is great for balancing the yellow tone in white and gray horses.

We recommend using such shampoos once in a while and in lesser quantity.

Moisturizer for dry skin.

Horses can also have dry skin. You will find many horse shampoos that have built-in moisturizer, or you can buy it separately.

Guide to taking care of your equin’s hair

That fluffy, silly and glazy mane and tail makes your horse look a little extra handsome. And keeping it always that way is not so easy 

as it seems.

Taking care of those beautiful equin’s hair demands regular grooming and occasional washing. 

So, if you are up to achieving that shiny horse hair the first habit you need to develop is to detangle your horse’s mane hair and tail on a regular basis. You can either use your hands or a wide toothed brush.

Right before giving your equin fellow a bath, detangle all its hair and brush off dried muds and dirt of it. Then prepare him for his spa-time.

Nonetheless, to achieve that extra shiny hair, you can apply a good horse hair conditioner right after shampooing his hair.

And never leave your equin’s hair wet after washing. Rinse well and dry out immediately after washing him up.

Don’t worry if you notice some hair fall. Though it grows back much faster than humans, yet you can change the shampoo or conditioner to notice an improvement. If you still do not have any, then better see a veteran. 

How to wash your horse the right way?

Washing a horse needs a lot of patience and experience. If you are a beginner then we may assume that your horse is just getting to know you.

So, try to avoid any soap or shampoo as your horse might get panicked during the bath and want to escape.

You don’t want to leave any residue and let it dry in your horse’s coat as it will affect their coat and skin. So, you can set them free without worrying about it.

There are a few techniques to wash your horse in the most appropriate way.

  • The very first rule you need to know is that horses are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature. So always cool them down completely before washing them and keep the showering water a steady level of warm temperature.
  • To not give them a shock with the water splash, always start gently with their hooves first. And gradually go all the way up to their body and mane.
  • If you are experienced enough to use shampoo, then apply it section by section. After applying shampoo on a small section, rinse it well. Make sure there is no residue left before moving on to the next section.
  • If you are using a hose, then keep the flow of water slow. NEVER EVER splash water on any sensitive area such as- face, ears and genital area.
  • Dampen a sponge or a napkin with plane water (no shampoo) and clean these areas gently. Repeat it as many times as it takes to completely clean these areas.

These are the basic techniques you need to follow to wash your horses correctly. However, you should always stand on one side. Do not stand right behind the horse ever. 

Once you are done bathing your horse, rinse him well and dry out his coat and hair.

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