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Top 5 Best Horse Fly Masks To Buy.

Best Horse Fly Masks
Best Horse Fly Masks

The warmer summer months can call for finding the best horse fly mask.

Flies, bugs, and the sun all are great enemies for horses.

Protection against all these factors can become a top priority.

If you want complete protection, you might also have to look at the best horse fly sheets that go hand in hand with fly masks.

We have 5 horse fly sheets tested and analyzed for a complete review!

Let’s get started!

Our criteria for choosing the best fly mask for horses.

Our team of horse experts understands the ingredients that make a superior horse fly mask. We emphasized on the following criteria while choosing these products:

  • Proper protection of eyes.
  • Breathable and comfortable mesh fabric.
  • A secure fitting of the fly masks.

5 best horse fly mask reviews.

1. Crushel Crusader Standard Fly Mask.

Crushel Crusader is by far the best horse fly mask that you can find at a reasonable price. This is the standard version of this mask without any ear or nose covering.

The fabric quality is top-notch and does exactly what a fly horse should do.

Top features of this fly mask.

1. Comfortable and stays secured.

The mask fabric is comfortable on your horse’s face. That’s the reason most of the horse wearing it don’t react that much.

It has a double layer of velcro to securely hold it in place. If you have a highly energetic horse moving around all day, this horse fly mask will stay in place throughout the day.

2. Structuring around eyes.

One of the best things about this fly mask is the mesh structuring around the eyes. This will keep the eyes away from touching the fabric and causing any unwanted injuries.

3. Clear visibility.

The mesh around the eyes is light and doesn’t hinder the visibility of your horse. It’s almost the same as looking through a netted window.

4. Patented forelock feature.

Forelock is the hair that grows just above the forehead and can really create problems when you try to put a fly mask.

The Crucial Crusader has a unique three-hole cap that can keep the forelock away from damage or causing injury to eyes.

5. UV protection.

This fly mask is capable of blocking 70% UV rays from the sun. This is a bonus feature to have in a fly mask and will keep the eye tissues safe during the day.

Keeps your horse’s eyes safe.The sizes are large for horses. So, choose a smaller size than your required size.
Stays in place throughout the day.
Protects from UV rays.
Keeps the forelock away.

Final Verdict.

If you have a horse that reacts to nose and ear covers, this is the perfect fly mask to buy.

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2. Shires mesh fly mask with ears.

The Shires fly mask is known for its ergonomic shaping and is overall a good fly mask. It is best for keeping flies completely away from the eyes.

Top features of this horse fly mask.

1. Ergonomic shaping for eye protection.

The mesh around the eyes is padded over to provide room. This makes it safe for the horse to run around and move without discomfort.

The visibility in this mask is very high and would do fine at night also.

2. Fleece padding on seams.

There is a fleece padding on the seams around the eyes and face area. This is helpful to completely block off insects from entering the facial area and causing discomfort.

Our experts have rated this as one of the most essential features to have in a horse fly mask.

3. Increased moveability of the ears.

The ear cover is made from soft mesh that allows your horse to move his ears easily.

If you buy any mask with stiff fabric on the ears, you will see how your horse struggles. But not in this case.

4. Adjustable fitting.

The touch close system allows you to fit this fly mask on a larger head or a smaller head. So, if you get the size wrong, it won’t be much of a headache.

5. Breathable fabric.

Apart from providing careful structuring, the fly mesh is also light and breathable. So, air can easily circulate through the mask and decrease the chances of sweating.

6. UV protection. The material used in this mask is capable of blocking 90% UV rays from the sun. That’s pretty high for fly masks.

Keeps the eyes safe and circulates air.The Velcro might not be tough enough to withstand pulling.
Extra protection against insects and bugs.
Adjustable straps for an easy fit.
90% UV ray protection.

Final Verdict.

This fly mask is best for adding more protection other than the eyes. The overall shape and design are perfect for an effective fly mask.

3. Crushel crusader complete fly mask.

This Crushel Crusader fly mask is the best fly mask that has all the complete features. If your horse likes super prone to insects, we highly recommend this fly mask.

The features of this fly mask are exactly the same as the standard one.

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Top features of this horse fly mask.

1. Ears and nose cover for extra protection.

Full ear and nose covering included with the fly mask. These are non-detachable and sewn with the basic fly mask.

2. Secure attachment.

The double layer of velcro used in this fly mask makes it amazingly secure. Whatever your horse is up to, the mask will stay in place. The best part is it’s also comfortable to wear.

3. Structuring around the eyes.

This brand has a signature structuring of the mesh around the eyes. If you fear that the fly mask will come in contact with your horse’s eyes, this is the one you were looking for.

4. Mesh fiber aids visibility.

The visibility is equally impressive as the protection against insects, and the sun.

5. Patented forelock feature.

There are holes in this mask to hold the forelock in place. This is a unique feature that Crushel Crusader can be proud of.

6. UV protection.

Moderate UV ray protection through nylon mesh. It can block as much as 70% UV rays.

All the best features of the standard Crushel Crusader mask.Getting perfect sizing can be an issue. Latch down one size from your regular size to get the perfect fit.
Added ear and nose covering.

Final Verdict.

If you want to provide complete fly protection for your horse, this is the fly mask you should be getting. However, the downfall is the nose, and ear coverings are not detachable.

4. Professional’s choice fly mask.

 If you want a fly mask without velcro and straps, the professional’s choice fly mask might be just what you need. The price is low, and the quality of the fabric is as good as it can be.

Top features of this horse fly mask.

1. Lycra material for ultra comfort.

The Lycra material used in this fly mask is very soft and comfortable to wear. This is great for horses who wear masks most of the day.

2. Ultra-fine breathable mesh.

The mesh fabric around the face is breathable and allows for plenty of air to circulate. The ear cover also has mesh fabric.

3. Large eye openings for visibility.

The mesh around the eyes has a large coverage. This is great for visibility. There is plenty of room for the horse to close and open his eyelids.

4. Stays fit throughout the day.

The lycra material is stretchy and doesn’t require any velcros or straps to put on.

If you have multiple horses together, one horse can loosen up another horse’s velcro. So, with this, you can expect the fly mask to stay put throughout the day.

Available in multiple colors.As there is velcro, it can be hard to get it off.
No issues of opening.Due to the large mesh size, gnats can cause trouble.
Breathable and comfortable to wear.

Final verdict.

We are not a great fan of this horse fly mask. But considering the price and the absence of velcros, it can be a valuable product for some specific horses.

Buying guide for the best fly mask for horses.

1. Size and fit.

The first step is to get a fly mask that is appropriate for the size of your horse.

When you put the mask on, it should go smoothly with no struggle. Keep in mind that the fly mask should not be too tight or too loose.

If you can put two fingers between the mask and the throat of your horse, you will know it’s a good fit.

If the mask is too loose, it will hang on and can cause injuries.

2. Removable or extended nose cover.

You can buy a horse fly mask without nose covers. But not having a nose cover can attract insects as the nostrils of a horse remains damn.

So, an extended nose cover will protect your horse’s nose and also keep flies away from underneath the cheekbone.

Sometimes, your horse might not like the nose piece. In that case, a removable or detachable nose piece is a good idea.

3. Ear covers.

Ear covers are totally dependent on the preference of your horse.

Most horses don’t like to have anything touching their ears.

Flies can enter inside the ears and cause trouble. So, you might consider buying a fly mask with an ear cover only if your horse is comfortable with it.

4. Fringe.

Fringe is an optional feature in horse fly mask.

It hangs over the eyes and brushes the flies away when your horse is moving.

If you can’t find a horse fly mask with a fringe, don’t stress.

5. Fabric structure.

Fly masks are made from two types of fabric.

The first kind is rugged and non-stretchy and is secured by velcro.

The second kind of fabric is stretchy, lighter in weight, and can be easily put on.

So, if your horse doesn’t like rugged fabrics, it’s better to use a non-stretchy Lycra mask.

6. Added fly repellant.

Some masks are infused with fly repellent. This gives superior protection from insects.

Even if your horse is fully covered in the fly mask, insects will still land on his face and annoy him.

So, the insect repellent infused fly mask should be beneficial.

Although you can buy a non-infused one and spray it with insect repellent.

7. UV Ray protection.

The UV rays from the sun can cause sunburns and watery eyes.

Some manufacturers provide UV ray protective fly masks that can block UV rays from 70-90%.

These types of fly masks are more comfortable and might even cost more!

Horse Fly mask FAQ.

How to know the proper fit of a fly mask?

Proper structuring over the eyes is the most crucial part of a fly mask.
If the fly mask is too loose or it collapses over the eyes, it can cause eye damage through rubbing.
You must be able to slip two fingers through a fly mask. Because it will tighten up when your horse moves his head.

Dark vs. light-colored fly mask, what should I choose?

A light-colored fly mask might reflect more sunlight, and hence, it will keep your horse’s face cool.
But many horse owners opt for dark-colored fabric because it acts like a sunglass from the scorching sun.
So, it’s totally dependent on you!
However, whatever color you choose, it will not create any difference in the effectiveness of the mask.

Should I leave the fly mask on my horse overnight?

There is no need to put the fly mask overnight. Because you don’t want to impair your horse’s night vision.
However, if your horse is prone to flies and has some kind of eye condition, you can keep the fly mask on.

How long can a horse fly mask last?

Our experts think that it’s better to replace a horse fly mask every year to offer the best quality throughout the year.
However, you can use it for a couple of years. In that case, you need to check for any damaged fabric or thread coming out that can enter the eyes.

How to use a horse fly mask?

The first step is to make your horse get used to the fly mask.
You can rub the fly mask around his face and see his reactions.
If he doesn’t like it in the first contact, take some time and let him get comfortable with it.
An effective way to do it is to touch the ears of your horse with the fly mask. Because this is one of the most sensitive parts of a horse’s body.
Once he gets comfortable, slowly and smoothly put the mask on.

How to maintain the condition of fly masks?

Maintain a regular schedule to wash the fly mask. This can be once or twice weekly.
Because if you don’t wash it regularly, any dirt or debris collected on the fly mask might fall into the eyes and cause injury.
Also, regular check for repairing any damage is mandatory.

How to clean a horse fly masks?

To clean a horse fly mask you should use some antibacterial agent with the cleaning solution such as a mild betadine solution to kill the bacteria. Rub gently with the cleaning solution and rinse it off with clean water. Now simply air-dry the fly mask.

Should I buy fly masks with or without ear covers?

Fly bites or bites from other insects can cause infections in a horse’s ears. Some evidence showed that the contagious aural plaques caused a virus named papilloma, which is carried by blackflies.
So, yes, you should buy a fly mask with ear covers to protect your horse from getting any ear infections and other diseases spread by insects.

Do I Need to Replace my Fly Mask Every Year?

You can change your horse’s fly mask whenever you want. But it isn’t necessary to change it every year if it is in perfect condition to be used. But if you see any damage then it will be wise to change it.

Will a Fly Mask Make My Horse Sweat?

It may or may not depending on the material used for the fly mask and also whether your horse has a tendency of feeling hot during the turnout. The too thick mesh can be abrasive and prevent air from circulating freely and causes your horse to sweat. But fine mesh doesn’t make such problems.

Will my Horse be able to Eat and Drink as Normal in a Fly Mask?

As long as you have chosen a perfectly fitting fly mask that doesn’t twist, shift, or move on the horse’s head, it should not bother any of your horse’s natural activities. This is why it is really important to choose a perfect fit for your horse’s fly mask.

Why do you need a fly mask for your horse?

Fly masks are necessarily important for horses as they cannot swat away those irritating insects with hands like humans.

While gathered in a herd, horses use their tails to swish away these annoying insects from each other’s face and body. But a horse can’t do that on their own and they can become very distressed about it.

Fly masks protect your horse’s face, eyes, nose, and ears from the irritation of insects. It also prevents from getting any infection caused by the flies and insect bites.

In bonus, the mask mesh catches up dirt and mud and protects their eyes and nose from it partially.

Do’s and don’ts for horse fly masks..

If you are new to the use of fly masks for your horses, here is a list of dos and don’ts with the fly mask for your horses-


  • Choose a fine mesh with nonabrasive material construction with soft lining
  • Find the perfect fit fly mask for your horse’s head so it doesn’t move or shift too easily.
  • Make sure there is no direct contact between the horse’s eyes and the mask mesh.
  • Check the fly mask every day for any hole or damage.
  • Apply some fly repellent on your horse’s face in the extreme seasons for extra protection.


  • Put on fly masks with a tight fit that irritates your horses.
  • Forget to cover your horse’s ears.
  • Leave the mask on overnight. They are safer without it at night. Rather apply some fly repellent instead.

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