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Top 5 Best fly sheets for horses reviewed.

Best fly sheets for horses
Best fly sheets for horses. Image Source Pixabay.

Looking for the best fly sheets for horses?

We tested and reviewed 5 horse fly sheets that can repel insects, provide UV ray protection, and also ensure a smooth fit.

Apart from just protecting against bugs, today’s fly sheets are quite versatile. Some of them can last for years and also provide equal protection from winter and summer.

Let’s get started!

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Our criteria for choosing the best fly sheets for horses.

Our panel of horse experts used these criteria to create this list of amazing horse fly sheets:

  1. Breathable fabric.
  2. Ability to protect against UV rays.
  3. Straps for ensuring a proper fit.

5 best fly sheets for horses review.

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1. Shires performance flysheet with a detachable neck cover.

Shires are one of the most beloved horse accessory manufacturers that you can always trust. This horse flysheet is made from premium quality fabric, and with all the features that it has, it is a great value for money.

The Shires flysheet is known for its breathability and protection against UV rays.

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Top features of this horse flysheet.

1. Lightweight property is best for active horses.

The weight of a fly sheet can impact the movement of your horse. So, the lighter the material, the better your horse can move. Though heavy materials can help keep the flies out better.

This fly sheet has a balanced weight that is suitable for energetic horses.

2. Breathability makes it comfortable in summer.

Shires use state of the art mesh material to help your horse thrive in hot climates.

The best part is the fabric is machine washable, so don’t worry about the washing part.

3. High UV protection.

One of the highly wanted features in a flysheet is protected against UV rays. The Shires fly sheet can block PVA and UVB rays up to 90%.

The blanket covers almost all of the horse’s body. This is great for protecting your horse against sunburns and insects.

4. Detachable neck cover.

You also get a detachable neck cover with this fly sheet. Because it’s detachable, you can always remove it when not needed.

5. Straps for a tight fit.

The flysheet has leg straps, tail flap, belly band, and chest straps. This is great for ensuring a proper fit which you can expect from a premium horse fly sheet like the shires.

Super breathable and lightweight.Only one color option.
Advanced UV protection.
It reflects maximum sunlight.
Protects against insects and bugs with full-body coverage.
Adjustable via straps.

Final Verdict.

This is one of the best fly sheets for UV protection. If breathability and full-body coverage is your primary concern, this fly sheet will be just perfect for your horse.

Though we don’t recommend getting this fly sheet if the temperature is too hot.

2. TuffRider Comfy mesh.

The TuffRider flysheet is one of the best fly sheets for horses in a low budget. Its uniqueness is in its ability to provide superior comfort to your horse.

With such a low price tag, it is still capable of beating a lot of premium quality horse fly sheets in the market.

Top features of this horse flysheet.

1. Crafted for ultra comfort.

The Fly sheet is made from a polyester mesh fabric that’s super comfortable and adds a moderate amount of breathability. This is intended for less active horses, and hence the durability remains intact.

2. Extra straps for a good fit.

There are two front straps and removable surcingles in this flysheet. Such features are sometimes unavailable in many high-end horse blankets.

Though the neck cover is a great miss in this product, our experts are satisfied with the overall performance of the flysheet.

3. Protection against UV rays.

You can expect a moderate amount of protection from UV rays. There is no advanced UV protection in this product, which is justified by the price you are paying.

4. Keep flies away.

The flysheets come in light colors that are suitable for keeping flies away. The fabric is stiff enough so that insects cannot penetrate it.

Simple and cost-effective.We found some issues with stitching.
A comfortable mesh that your horse can wear all day long.
Moderately durable depending on horse activity level.
Straps on the front.

Final Verdict.

Our experts have recom0mended buying this horse fly sheet if your horse is a little laid back. Hence, the comfort part is the top priority here. It’s very simple and does the job of fly protection perfectly.

3. Kensington Platinum protective flysheet.

 If you ever wanted a fly sheet to last the entire year with a highly active horse wearing it, the Kensington Platinum flysheet is what you need.

The versatility of this premium flysheet is unmatched, and you can use it all weather conditions without troubles. It is one of the best fly sheets for horses for year-round use.

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Top features of this horse flysheet.

1. Highly durable fabric.

1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene fabric is strong enough to stand against wears and tears and also fading. Thus you can expect the flysheet to last for years.

2. Lots of size range ensures a perfect fit.

Not a lot of manufacturers provide different size ranges for fly sheets. If you really struggle to find the right size for your horse, the Kensington Platinum should give you relief.

3. Vibrant design options.

As much as 13 different vibrant color options are available. Many horse owners really love their horses wrapped around in colorful blankets.

4. Protection against UV rays.

This fly sheet is capable of blocking 73% of all the UV rays from the sun. Though we wanted this to be at the 90% level, we really can’t complain about all the other features being top-notch.

5. Straps included.

You get adjustable belly and leg straps with this product. This helps to keep your horse wrapped perfectly.

6. Added bug protection.

There is added protection around the overall torso of the horse so that bugs and flies can’t penetrate.

7. Versatile for winter and summer.

The fabric is heavy enough to protect against moderate winter cold and light enough to provide a swift flow of air during the summer season.

Packed with features yet affordable.Inability to offer full coverage.
Range of size options that will fit every horse.
Durable fabric for highly active horses.
UV protection.
It can be used in all weather conditions.

Final Verdict.

Our team of experts ranks this fly sheet highly based on user reviews and our independent analysis. If you want a fly sheet to last long and use throughout the year, this fly sheet is just tailor-made for you.

4. Bucas Zebra Flysheet.

Let’s face it!

Who doesn’t want a zebra-striped flysheet for their horse?

The Bucas Zebra flysheet is included in this horse fly sheet review not just for the design but because of its protection features and a perfect fit for broader horses.

Top features of this horse flysheet.

1. For broad-chested horse.

If you have a horse with a broad chest and big hip, chances are that you can’t find a fly sheet that fits perfectly. But this Bucas flysheet is tailor-made for horses with such body type.

2. Zebra print for extra fly protection.

The zebra print is not just for design purpose, the color combo also repels insects and bugs away by polarizing light.

3. Suitable for use in spring and summer.

The fabric is made from a lightweight fine mesh fabric that can save your horse from the heat during summer and cool temperatures during the spring.

4. Extra straps and headcover.

You get detachable belly pads, leg straps and headcover with this fly sheet.

5. UV ray protection.

The manufacturer claims 80% UV ray protection, and that’s more than enough for a flysheet.

Suitable for quarter horse types with a broad chest.The black color of the zebra print can lose its color in the sun.
Comfortable fabric with durability.
Breathable during the summer.
Keeps bugs and insects effectively away.

Final Verdict.

If you intend to buy a zebra print flysheet only for your horse, you can consider buying this. The overall quality and performance of the flysheet are satisfactory.

5. TuffRider Comfy mesh.

The Kool Coat Airstream is one of the best fly sheets for horses in hot weather.  The best thing about this fly sheet is its ability to provide airflow to your horse’s body.

The fabric is versatile for keeping the flies away as well as keeping the temperature inside low.

Depending on the activity of your horse, the performance of the flysheet will vary.

Top features of this horse flysheet.

1. Mesh material for breathability.

The mesh materials are used as side panels in this flysheet. So, that adds durability and breathability. Keeps sweat away in temperatures as much as 80 Fahrenheit.

2. Detachable neck.

The detachable neck is a great additional feature to have in a budget-friendly horse flysheet. It acts as a protection from flies for excessively itchy horses.

3. Proper ventilation.

As there is only one belly guard, the flysheet will remain open from underneath most of the time. This has some pros and cons.

In a very hot climate, having an open flysheet keeps your horse cool and allows lots of air to flow. But the downside is that it can loosen up when your horse is a mud monster.

4. Removable leg straps.

You get removable leg straps that you can use when convenient.

Super comfortable in hot climates.Not much durable. May last as long as a year only.
Protection against bugs and the heat.
Properly ventilated with mesh side panels.
UV protection from the sun.

Final Verdict.

Our experts found that it’s best to use this horse fly sheet for horses living in the hot climate. If your horse likes to play it rough or you need more bug protection, this fly sheet might not be for you.

Buying guide for the best fly sheets for horses.

Buying the best fly sheet for horses can be tricky. Our team has evaluated 6 criteria that you can use to find the right fly sheet for your horse.

1. Color choice.

The color of horse fly sheets might not seem important at first glance. You do want your horse to look colorful and vibrant. But here’s where science takes over.

Go for light color fly sheets always. The perfect color is white, and this for two reasons:

  • Keeping your horse cool: It’s basic science that light color clothes reflect the heat rays from the sun. So, white color fly sheets have the maximum capacity to save your horse from the heat.
  • Keeping the bugs away: Certain bugs and flies like the greenheads are attracted more to dark colors. So, the light color fabric will hide your horse from bug bites and itching.

2. Size and fitting.

All horses might look like they have the same size as a non-equine eye. As a matter of fact, no two horses have the same size.

There is no standard sizing for horse fly sheets. But as a rule of thumb, you can abide by this fly sheet size chart to get the closest fit for your equine.

Horse height (hands) Flysheet size (inches)
11 51-57
12 57-60
13 60-63
14 66-69
15 69-75
16 75-81
17 81-84
18 84-87

Here’s an illustration showing how to measure your horse for a flysheet. Just use a measuring tape from the center of the chest to the center of the tail for a perfect fit.

3. Horse activity level.

If you have a mud monster, there will be considerable wear and tear on the flysheet. So, you need a fly sheet that can stand up to the activity level of your horse.

You can choose a PVC coated horse blanket or sheet. This will add more durability and value.

4. Protection.

UV rays can cause damage to your horse’s lustrous hair and skin. If you are living in a warmer climate, look for fly sheets with UV ray protection feature. You can also find fly sheets specifically made for protection against rain or cold. You can also buy different fly sheets for different conditions.

5. Fabric material.

Avoid fly sheets that are thin and can be easily penetrated by insects. Stiffer fabrics that form a thick layer is the best way to go.

You can also find stiffer fabric with light mesh for swift airflow to keep your horse cool.

6. Extras.

Apart from just covering the body of your horse, some fly sheets have added features.

Belly guards and neckpieces are great to have, although not mandatory.

Both of these are helpful for super itchy horses.

Extensive belly covers can also cover the top of the legs to ensure maximum protection from bugs.

Tips for taking care of horse fly sheets.

  • Make sure the flysheet fabric is smooth and has no threads coming out that can irritate the skin. If you see any damage, repair it as soon as possible.
  • All those sweats can accumulate in the flysheet. So, try to keep it clean as much as possible. Washing instruction can differ from one fly sheet to another. Check the manufacturer’s instruction first.
  • The velcro fastening can become dirty and might not work after a few months. In that case, you can use a wire brush to remove the lint and debris.

Horse Fly Sheet FAQ.

How many types of horse fly sheets are there?

Though there are no specific types of fly sheets for horses. Manufacturers provide different features that can be categorized like Horse flysheet for hot weather, zebra print flysheet, flysheet with neck cover, horse fly sheet for riding, etc.

Are fly sheets waterproof?

Generally, fly sheets are not waterproof, and the main purpose is to protect against flies and the sun. However, they can withstand mildew and humid conditions. Only a few manufacturers produce waterproof fly sheets, but that’s pretty rare.

Will all flysheet brands fit my horse?

Different fly sheet brands offer different sizing. The downfall is most brands have limited size offerings. So, it’s better to choose something a little bigger if you are confused about the size. Alternatively, you can measure your horse and consult with the manufacturer before buying it.

Why do all fly sheets come in light colors?

As we discussed earlier, light-colored fly sheets reflect heat better and also keeps flies away.

Should I go for a budget horse fly sheet or premium?

If you just want a simple flysheet to protect your horse from flies, go for a budget option. But if you need year-round protection, durability, and perfect fit, you should consider a premium flysheet.

The anatomy of a fly sheet

There are many different fly sheets for horses in the market and they have different constructions. But commonly there are 8 parts in a horse Fly Sheet.

  1. A detachable Neck Cover offers some extra protection from flies and insects and the scorching sun.
  2. Front Closure are the buckles to adjust the open front fly sheets around the neck and chest area.
  3. The D-Rings attach the fly sheet with the neck cover.
  4. The Shoulder Gusset prevents rubbing and allows your horses to move more freely.
  5. Adjusta-Fit® adjusts the fit of the neck cover.
  6. Drop is the sheet width/ drop length which usually is graded to the size sheets.
  7. Belly Closure is a belly-band to adjust the fit around your horse’s belly while providing more coverage from the insects
  8. And the last one is the Tail Cover works just as it is named.

Types of fly sheet fabric material

Fly Sheet is made of breathable fine materials to make sure that it prevents flies and insects from passing through without making your horses uncomfortable. The type of fabric used in fly sheet’s construction includes Fine Window Screen Mesh, Open Weave Vinyl Mesh, Soft Flexible Tight Weave, and Light Airy Mesh.

All these four types of fabric offer full protection from insect bites. But the amount of air flow and protection against the UV rays slightly differ from one another.

If UV protection is your priority then, you might be wanting the soft, flexible 300D polyester and tightly woven fabric. But if you want a really breathable fabric, then light, airy mesh is your option. On the other hand, for those who are looking for durability, opt for the open weave vinyl mesh fabric.

How to attach a horse fly sheet?

After choosing the right material and perfect fit of the fly sheet for your horse, it’s the turn to put the fly sheet on your horse.

So, get your horse ready standing in a comfortable state, and place the fly sheet over him gently. Now, buckle up the front closure carefully and if you have a detachable neck cover then attach it with the help of D-rings around the neck area.

Now finally, attach the belly closure buckles sparing at least a 5-6 inch gap from the horse’s belly as it will ease up their movements. Finally adjust the tail cover if there is any.

Cleaning process for Horse fly sheet

Fly sheets are more often made of materials that allow you an easy cleaning. Simply use a mild detergent and cool water to gently wash your horse’s fly sheet.

Some manufacturers might recommend you to use a mesh wash bag if you are washing the fly sheets in a washing machine. Since these bags will protect both your machines and the fly sheet from friction with the buckles, rings and straps of it.

Most importantly, do not use fabric softener while washing fly sheets since it might damage the sheet’s waterproof and breathable coating.

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