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5 Best fishbowl for a small home (Review+Buying Guide).

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A fishbowl is a small vivarium that mimics the marine environment to shelter a small-sized and limited number of fishes for decorative purposes mainly. Most people buy it for housing goldfishes, bettas, guppies and Paradise fishes.

Whether or not fish bowls are perfect for housing fish for long terms is a matter of debate that we are not focusing on.

But if you are living in a small home with a small budget, fish bowls are best to satisfy your aquarium hunger.

We got the 5 best fish bowls for you that won’t break your bank and at the same time make your home colorful.

Here’s everything you need to know!

Best fishbowl reviews.

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1. biOrb Classic Fish Bowl with LED Light.

biOrb makes some of the best fishbowls in the market. The biOrb Classic is the most complete fishbowl we have on this list.

You don’t have to buy any separate accessories to make this fishbowl suitable for goldfishes or bettas.

It’s made from acrylic material, and that makes it crystal clear and good for viewing fish activities.

With the bowl, you also get a filter, air pump, LED lighting, transformer and others.

We loved the filter and LED lighting. The filter has a 5 stage filtration system that will keep the bowl clean and oxygenated longer. The LED light operates automatically that will provide both periods of darkness and light.

You can choose from 4 different sizes ranging from 4 gallons to 27 gallons. So, if you are into goldfish, this is just perfect.

The air pump creates too much water flow. It might be good for most fishes, but you need to fix it if you are planning to house bettas.

Complete fishbowl, which comes with filter, pump and LED lighting.Too much water flow from the air pump.
Available in four sizes.The ceramic media substrate provided is not enough for the bowl.
The air filter has all stages of filtration.
Automatic LED lighting.
The plastic stand provided for stable positioning of the bowl.

Final verdict

This is the best goldfish bowl with a filter. It’s a little on the expensive side. But you get everything you need for a sound ecosystem. Keep in mind, biOrb accessories are also expensive. So, you can buy third party accessories instead.

2. Koller Products 2 Gallon Hex Fish Bowl.

The hexagonal-shaped fishbowl from Keller Products is one of the best fish bowls for goldfish.

You can’t ask more from a fishbowl under $20 with a 2-gallon capacity.

The 2-gallon capacity is suitable to house at least a single goldfish or few Betta fish.

The material is plastic, and it’s strong enough to withstand breaking. So, if your home is full of cats and kids, this is the fishbowl to buy.

The height is 12”, and that’s enough to fit a sponge filter and heater for maximum efficiency.

Although the plastic material offers clear visibility, the hexagonal edges block the view. So, you need to turn it around sometimes.

Enough room is available to put a filter and heater.Viewing is difficult through the hexagonal edges.
Shatterproof, which minimizes risks.
Clear visibility.

Final verdict

This is a budget-friendly fishbowl with good water holding capacity. We don’t recommend buying plastic fish containers because they are prone to scratching. But if you are living in a demanding environment with the risk of breaking, this is the one to buy. When buying a heater, look for low voltage heaters as the construction material is plastic. 

3. CNZ Wall Mounted Fish Bowl

The CNZ fishbowl is one of the most unique fish bowls you can find. The reason behind its uniqueness is you can hang it on a wall.

Yes, it doesn’t have a large capacity to hold water- only over a gallon. But for people who have cats and dogs at home, this can be the best solution to keep fish.

We love the fact that it’s made from acrylic material. So, you get very clear visuals of your fish.

Changing the water is easy because it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

Keep in mind, this fishbowl is ideal for nurturing only a single fish. This is probably best for keeping ghost shrimp.

The only issue we found was that the nails of the wall mount were not strong enough to hold the bowl. So, use heavy-duty screws and throw the nails that come with the package. 

It can be hung on the walls.The wall mounting nails provided are not strong enough to hold the fishbowl.
The acrylic material construction allows clear visibility.

Final verdict

If you have the budget and space, it’s best to go for something bigger than this bowl. However, for people who don’t have a dedicated space for housing fish, this can be a pretty good alternative.

4. Koller Products 1 Gallon Fish Bowl.

This fishbowl from the Koller products is one of the best plastic fishbowls in the market.

If have a low budget and want a fishbowl that won’t break, this is the one to buy.

This is a unique fishbowl because of its one-piece plastic construction and the super clear visibility despite being made from plastic.

This fishbowl is 7” high and has a 5” opening. You can use it to house only a single fish.

The only issue we found was that the plastic material magnifies the view. So, it becomes difficult to catch the fish when it’s time to clean.

Break-proof plastic construction.Magnifies the view, so that makes catching fish difficult.
Super clear 360-degree visibility.

Final verdict

For the decorative purpose, this fishbowl is perfect. If you are just starting out in the aquarium hobby, it might be worth buying it. However, for long term fish nurturing, you have to get something bigger than this one. 

5. PMLAND Wall Mounted Fish Bowl. 

The PMLAND fishbowl is slightly higher than the CNZ fishbowl we reviewed earlier. Both these units are almost similar in functionality and the purpose they serve.

The fishbowl is made from acrylic material. So, it will offer greater visibility than a glass fishbowl.

It comes with a multi-colored gravel and plastic plant. Hanging the fishbowl is quite easy. But we recommend not using the nails provided in this package because they are not strong enough.

You can use it to house Betta fish and hermit crabs. However, as the bowl is not more than a gallon, it can accommodate only a single fish.

Acrylic construction.Nails provided are not strong enough to hold the bowl.
Crystal clear visibility.

Final verdict

Most people buy wall mounted fish bowls for decorative purposes. You can also make it a terrarium, and it will look good on the wall. This bowl is not at all suitable for goldfish. So, get only bettas, guppies or snails for this fishbowl.

Fishbowl buying guide.

1. Glass, plastic or acrylic?

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, we think it’s best to buy an acrylic fishbowl.

Acrylic fish bowls are lighter and offer a better view of the fishes inside the bowl. It’s also tougher than glass.

The only downside is it is prone to scratching and yellowing after a period of time.

The reason to consider buying glass and plastic fish bowls is that these are less expensive than acrylic.

Glassfish bowls can withstand scratching better. But if you have the budget, we don’t see any logical reason to buy a plastic or even a glass fishbowl. 

2. Thicker the better.

For glass bowls, the thickness is crucial.

You don’t want to buy a thin glass bowl. Often times, thin bowls will burst out and you will never when it happens.

So, make sure it is thick enough to hold your fish and the water volume.

3. Larger surface area.

Having a large surface area can keep your fishbowl more oxygenated.

By surface area we mean, the opening of the fishbowl and the area left above the water surface.

It’s not mandatory if you have a filtration system that can take away the toxic gas build-up.

If you buy a large fish bow, you can always keep it less full. This will increase the surface area. But keep in mind that there is enough water for your fish to survive.

4. Fishbowl capacity.

The bigger the fishbowl, the better.

If you think a smaller fishbowl will need less maintenance, then you are dreaming. In fact, the opposite way around is true.

Big fish bowls will keep your fish healthy and minimize the risk of dead fish.

For every inch of a fish, 1-gallon of water is needed.

Some fish just need more water to survive. Goldfish is one of them.

So, if you have the budget, go for the one that has the highest capacity.

5. Filtration system.

The water filtration system is a must for a fishbowl. The lesser space, the more the chances of ammonia and carbon dioxide toxication to prevail.

Go for a fishbowl that already has a filtration system with it. If it doesn’t, you can always buy it separately.

Some will have a multi-stage filtration system that supports biological, mechanical and chemical filtration all at once.

At the very least, you need a biological filter to make it safe for fish.

Look for adjustable filters. You don’t want fast currents to make your fish go crazy.

6. Lighting system.

Fishes need both darkness and light to live a healthy life. If your chosen fishbowl has a built-in light source, it will be a great addition. But you can buy them separately.

Never use an incandescent light. Because these light sources can heat the bowl considerably. So, it’s best to get an LED light source. These virtually don’t release any heat at all.

Don’t use the light often. Excessive light can increase the growth of algae and make the bowl dirty. 

You may like a fish trap.

Fishbowl FAQ

1. Can you cover the top of a fishbowl?

It’s not necessary to cover the fishbowl with a lid. But if you have cats at home, it might be a good idea to cover it. If you do so, make sure the lid has holes in it. Without holes, your fish will die sooner.

2. Which are the best type of fish I can buy for a fishbowl?

Paradise Fish, Guppies, Zebra Danios, and White Cloud Minnows are most suitable for a small aquatic environment like a fishbowl. Choose fish that produce less waste and doesn’t grow much.

3. Which type of fish is not good for fish bowls?

The most common fishes that are not suitable for fish bowls are goldfish and bettas. Goldfish produce lots of waste and grows bigger than what a fishbowl can accommodate. For bettas, the fishbowl is not ideal for their health.

But most people consider these fish to keep in a bowl. If you do so, get a bigger bowl. 

4. How many fish you can keep in a bowl?

If you have a 2-gallon bowl, you can keep only two fishes which are just inches long. More than this can reduce their lifespan considerably. 

5. Our fish bowls bad for fish? If so, why?

If you cannot put enough time to maintain a fishbowl and change the water frequently, it’s bad for fish.

Fishbowls don’t have enough space for fish to swim. It’s also tough to put a large and powerful filter inside because of the limited space. The beneficial bacteria needed to clear the waste gets less surface area to grow. 

6. Why does my fish die when I keep it in a fishbowl?

One of the most common problems we see with fishbowls is that fishes die when you keep in it for the first time. 

There are a number of reasons behind it. First, your fish might get shocked due to the sudden change in PH, temperature, and condition of the water. There aren’t enough beneficial bacteria inside to clean up the toxic elements. Sometimes, several weeks are needed for the beneficial bacteria to grow.

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