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6 Best Cat Toys Ever (Review+Guide).

best cat toys
best cat toys

Keeping a cat at home is probably one of the best decisions you ever made in life. They are the life and sunshine of a quiet home.

But without toys, even cats can become bored and lazy.

We did some research and found some of the best cat toys to keep them busy for you!

While there are hundreds and thousands of cat toys to choose from. We kept our list short with only the top-rated and most durable cat toys.

This is what we got for you!

Best cat toys ever review.

1. Petstages Tower of Tracks cat Toy. ( Ads Link )

 The Petstages Tower of Tracks is one of the best toys for indoor and best cat toys for active cats. Once you get him used to the toy, it will become hands-off and needs no supervision.

There are three levels of circular tracks with one bright colored ball in each of them. The best part is the balls remain inside the track, and you don’t have to worry about lost items.

The safety of this toy is ensured by two features- 1. A safety bar is placed inside the top opening to prevent your cat’s head from getting stuck. 2. Has a rubber feet bottom to prevent sliding and falling.

The toy material is sturdy enough not to develop cracks and breakage.


  • No worries about a lost item.
  • It requires no supervision.
  • Totally safe for cats.
  • Promotes hearing stimuli as the balls make noise.


  • None.

Final verdict

This Pestages toy is great for engaging your little cat through eyes and ears. The colorful balls and the noise they make can really make a cat interested. The previous models of this toy didn’t have any safety bar inside the top opening. This new and improved model is totally top-notch and safe.

2. Youngever 24 Cat Toys Assortment. ( Ads Link )

The Youngever toy set might not be the best cat toy set ever, but you get a plethora of toys at the least possible price. And that’s why we included this in our review.

There are 24 toys in this set. The toys include a tunnel, teaser wand, fluffy mouse, crinkle balls, etc. So, your cats will never get bored.

However, keep in mind that these toys are favorable for kittens and small cats. It’s best to get rid of any tiny bits of materials that have been glued to the toys like eyes, nose or ears.

There is a soft foam ball in this set that you want to avoid at all costs. Your cat can swallow and choke on it.


  • Different varieties of toys in a single pack.
  • Cheap and worth the money.
  • Perfect for keeping your cats free from boredom.


  • Quality is pretty low.

Final verdict

If you buy this cat toy set, you won’t get super durable features. However, you get 24 toys of a single purchase, and that’s great for little kittens. It’s also a great gift item for new cat owners.

3. Yeowww Catnip Banana Toy. ( Ads Link )

The Yeowww toy is one of the best cat toys for older cats. While most catnip toys are only rubbed with catnip, this banana toy is totally stuffed inside with a catnip. So, the scent is quite strong and attractive for cats.

The best thing about this toy is the shape. The curved shape is suitable for rolling and wrestling. It’s different from other average catnip toys.

The fabric of the toy is colored with soy and vegetable dyes. So, even if your cat licks off the dye, it won’t cause any harm.

But keep in mind, you can’t throw this is in a washing machine as the catnip inside will decay fast. So, rubbing with a damp cloth is enough to keep it clean.


  • Organically grown catnip provides extra scent.
  • Fully stuffed with catnip.
  • The curved shape makes the toy playable.
  • Durable fabric and safe dye.


  • Not machine washable.

Final verdict

Catnips are essential in any cat toy collection. If you are a new cat owner, you should definitely have one at home. Some cats won’t be interested in it, but most cats will drool over it with excitement.

Look how happy the cat looks while playing with a banana catnip toy!

4. Prosper Pet Collapsible Tunnel Toy. ( Ads Link)

 The Prosper Pet Tunnel Toy is the best cat toy ever. From the owner’s perspective, the toys are super portable as it can be collapsed in just a few seconds.  And you can always leave your cats home alone with this toy.

The 3-way tunnel is made of tear-resistant polyester wrapped around a steel frame. So, it can withstand scratching and biting.

The crinkle paper inside the tunnel makes noise that can keep your kittens interested while roaming inside. It also has a hanging toy at the end of the tunnels making the toy even more fun to play with.

The three tunnels equal over a 50-inch length, which is enough for a large cat and perfect for multiple kittens.


  • Extremely durable and tear-resistant.
  • Portable with the collapsible feature.
  • The center stays upright.
  • It provides visual and hearing stimulations.


  • The metal wire can become loose and poke out from the sides sometimes. Fix it ASAP when it happens.

Final verdict

This cat tunnel toy can really provide you with great value for money. Cats will hardly ever get bored with it as they often need a place to hide and rest.

5. Chengyu Collapsible Tunnel Bed Toy. ( Ads Link )

 The Chengyu collapsible tunnel is one of the best toys for indoor cats. While most of the cat tunnels are flimsy, this one has a soft plush covering that keeps the tunnel in shape.

What we loved about the tunnel is that you can separate the bed from the tunnel. In that way, your cats get two entrance holes and one window hole. The window hole has a hanging fluffy ball. And cats just go crazy over that thing.

The bed is soft enough for your cats or even dogs to rest on. However, we found that most cats don’t love the bed as much as they love the tunnel.

Kittens might sometimes urinate inside. So, you can wash both the tunnels and the bed but make sure to apply on hand wash.


  • Long tunnel that can be stretched apart or turned into a round shape.
  • Easily collapsible.
  • Makes crinkly noise when moving inside.
  • The tunnel is sturdy enough to resist tearing and minimize movement.


  • Would have been great if more color and pattern were available.

Final verdict

If you want a cozy and durable cat tunnel, this is the one to buy. If you compare the prosper pet tunnel with this Chengyu tunnel, the winner is the Chengyu tunnel. However, you should consider the price when buying one of them.

6. Purrfect Arch Self Grooming Cat Toy. ( Ads Link )

The Purrfect Arch is not like the regular cat toys. The intended purpose is more like massaging and scratching. To say the least, it’s the best cat self-grooming arch available.

Sure, you can get other cheaper versions of a self-grooming arch, but you can’t expect durability like this unit.

It works in two ways. The bristle arch helps in reducing shedding, and the bottom carpet can be used for scratching.

The best part is the carpet is infused with catnip. Otherwise, we doubt cats would return again to groom themselves.

It might look flimsy, but the plastic base does hold its ground, and the bristles don’t fall apart.


  • Catnip infused base to stimulate the cats mentally.
  • Reduces hair falling around your home.
  • Reduces scratching on furniture.
  • Durable bristles.


  • Cats use it occasionally.

Final verdict

Before buying it, you need to know that most cats use this self-grooming toy very infrequently. They might use it more at the beginning, but as they get used to the catnip smell, the toy might not attract them quite a lot. So, if this is the first time you are buying a toy, avoid this. If you want to add this to your existing collection, then go for it.

best toys for indoor
best toys for indoor

Why do cats need to play with toys?

  • Cats are predatory animals. But When you keep them home, they are only stuck with human beings. Toys mimic certain characteristics of prey and help to stimulate the predatory nature of a cat. Especially the kittens love to interact with new colors, smells, and movements.
  • Cats can become fat if they are not given enough opportunities to play. This can lead to various diseases like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Playing with toys helps to burn the extra calories and keep them fit.
  • Boredom is the biggest enemy of cats. Boredom can lead to abnormal behavior like urinating and clawing. Toys can very well eliminate boredom and keep them interested throughout the day.
  • Home alone cats might have a hard time developing strong muscle and joint functions. If you give them toys to play and run along, they will develop flexibility and agility. It will truly make them what they are- fast and cute.

Types of cat toys available.

In this cat toy reviews, we included track toys, catnip, and tunnels. The following are the most popular cat toys that you can buy.

Track toys

Track toys are great for stimulation and bonding with your cat. These toys have balls within the circular tracks. When the balls move around the track, it can really attract your cat and make them run around.


Catnip toys contain a volatile oil that can stimulate the nervous system of cats and make them happy. Cats just love catnips, only if you have ever seen them playing with it live.

Cat tunnels

Cat tunnels are one of our most favorite toys for home alone cats. You just leave it in the home, and your cats will go crazy going all over the tunnel paths. This video explains it all-

Electronic toys

There are tons of electric cat toys available now. Cat laser light toys are one of the simplest and inexpensive electronic toys to buy. Others like the cat runner can cost you way too much.

Puzzle toys

Some cat toys require to solve puzzles like unlocking mechanisms to get treats. These are just super delicious toys that create tremendous stimulation in cats.

Best cat toys for indoor cats buying guide.

1. Safety

The best toys for cat home alone should be the safest toys to buy. Make sure that cat toys should have pet-friendly materials and free from small parts that can cause choking.

If a certain toy requires monitoring, you should be present there to watch your cat. Otherwise, avoid that toy by all means.

2. Your cat’s preference

If you have the money, then it’s best to buy different sorts of cat toys and make it available for your pet. He will play with the one which he likes best.

But if you just want to buy a single toy, observe your pet first.

Some are very active and will require more complex and interactive toys to get stimulated. But others might be lazy, and just a soft cat toy will be more than enough.

3. Durability

Cat toys are bound to get destroyed at some point in time. But do you buy a cheap toy only to see it last a week? Or do you buy a sturdy toy that can last a few months or even years with a bit more cash?

You should go with the second option because that will give you more value for money.

4. Cat’s age and size

The size and type of cat toy will depend on the size and age of your cat.

  • The younger cats require toys that can provide lots of mental and physical stimulation. But you need to look for smaller toys.
  • The same goes for larger cats, and you will need to find something bigger for them.
  • For older cats look for less challenging toys that will enable them to play in a stationary position

5. Single toys or multiple toys?

Cats become bored if you leave them alone for hours or playing with the same toy again and again.

To make the playing time most effective, it’s the best cat toys home your home. This will ensure that your cats remain entertained and also decrease the stress on a single toy.

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