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5 Best cat houses- reviewed with Buying Guide.

best cat houses
best cat houses

Cats are awesome pets that you can cuddle and keep where you live. But they always have the need for hiding and making themselves feel safe and comfortable.

So, you need to find the best cat houses today.

But first, you need to decide whether you want an outdoor cat house or an indoor cat house.

You can use the outdoor cat house indoors always.

This is a list of top-rated cat houses that have high-quality construction, lots of user satisfaction, and easy assembling features.

Best cat house review.

Our top pick is the Petsfit outdoor cat house. It’s a little on the expensive side. If you want something on the mid-budget, the K&H Pet Products cat house should be perfect.

1. Petsfit Outdoor Cat House. ( Ads Link )

This is our favorite cat house. The advantage of having a play area with a cat house is great.  There is a roofed patio above the room and your cat access it using the stairs.

The house is made from cedarwood. So, you can expect it to last 3 years. The only downfall of the cedar wood is it can split if you can mishandle it.

There are two separate doors for entry and exit. However, the capacity of the house is only limited to one medium-sized cat and a kitten.

The only issue you need to handle with this cat house is the insulation. It’s not entirely weatherproof. So, you need to protect it during heavy rainfall and winter. A heating pad can solve this issue.

For assembling, you will need only a screwdriver. The pre-drilled holes make assembling a breeze.


  • Playing area with a roof.
  • Elevated from the ground for protection against rain.
  • Quick assembling with just a screwdriver.
  • Cedarwood construction can last for 3 years.
  • The bottom floor opens up for easy cleaning.


  • Not insulated and can get wet during heavy rainfall.

Final verdict

The Petsfit cat house can cost you over a $100. However, it’s the best cat house in terms of design and durability. It’s more suitable as an indoor cat house as your cat gets an extra area to play with.

2. K&H Pet Products Extra Wide Outdoor Cat Shelter. ( Ads Link)

 The K&H Pet Products cat houses are some of the most effective cat houses you can buy. This model has a wider room and suitable for 2-3 cats.

This cat house is made from 600D nylon. So, it’s very durable and will not collapse even if your cat jumps on it. It can also withstand rain to some extent.

The unit has a heating pad placed on the floor. The heating pad covers only half the floor. So, if you have a single cat, this feature is perfect. Your cat can decide whether to sit in the heating area or not. But for multiple cats living in very low temperatures, the heating might not be sufficient.

Of all the cat houses in this review, this is probably the easiest to assemble. There are hook and loop fasteners that can help you set this up in a few minutes. The problem with such a setup is the edges don’t seal up completely.


  • Doors have flaps to trap heat and protect from rainfall.
  • Double doors for swift exit and entry.
  • Quick assembling with hooks and loops
  • Heating pad with the thermostatically controlled feature.
  • Durable and sturdy construction.


  • Not enough heat for extremely low temperatures.

Final verdict

If you are buying this unit for outdoor cats, you should keep an eye on the temperature. The price is low, so you can always add a suitable heating pad that covers the entire floor. For indoor cats, it’s absolutely perfect.

3. New Age Pet ecoFlex Albany Outdoor Cat House. ( Ads Link )

 The New Age Pet cat house is one of the best outdoor cat houses at a reasonable price.

The material of this cat house is what caught our eyes. The ecoflex Albany material is made from recycled plastic-wood polymer. So, it will resist cracking, fading, and rotting.

Though the material itself is weatherproof, we found that the floor is not completely insulated. Unless you buy a heating pad, this cat house is suitable to use in temperate climates only.

The unit has two exit doors to help your cat escape from other animals. The house is a little bit off the ground, so it will not dampen from rain.

If you are not a tools guru, you shouldn’t worry. This unit requires no extra tools to assemble.

The height and length of this house are under 22”. That’s enough for a mid-sized cat, but a large cat probably will struggle.


  • Elevated floor for protection against dampening.
  • Quick assembling with no tools.
  • High quality and durable material construction.
  • Double exit doors for safety.


  • Some units might come with misaligned pre-drilled holes.
  • Needs additional heating pad for cold regions.

Final verdict

We think the price is a big motivator to buy this adorable cat house. The under $100 budget is affordable for most cat owners. But as the unit is not perfectly insulated, you should consider spending a bit more on a cat heating pad.

4. Feandrea Cat Tree House. ( Ads Link )

Without a cat tree, this list would have remained incomplete. Feandrea makes the best cat tree houses. This Feandrea cat tree house can be a perfect place of hiding and playing for your indoor cats.

The construction is very sturdy and can hold multiple cats without any issues. But for safety, you might want to keep the weight below 22lbs.

Basically, there are three spots for your cats. The bottom one is for hiding and sleeping. The middle one is for playing, and the topmost part is perfect for resting.

We loved the outer sisal rope covering. Your cat can use this for scratching.

The cat tree can shake a bit when your cat jumps on it. But will not tip over by any means.


  • 3 spots for your cat to hang out.
  • Stable enough to support more than one cat.
  • The outer covering of the cat tree house promotes scratching.
  • Very easy to assemble.


  • 33’ height is not much to brag about.

Final verdict

Cat treehouses come in various heights and shapes. If you want one at a reasonable price with quality construction, this is the one to buy. Keep in mind, this not for outdoor cats. If you have large cats, this unit should be able to hold them.

5. Nala and Company Cat House with Enclosure. ( Ads Link )

 Cat houses with enclosures are a great addition to have with your regular sturdy cat houses.

It can be used in multiple ways. You can use it if you want to take your indoor cat outside. The breathable mesh offers a full view of the outside and also keep your pet protected from running and getting lost.

The overall unit is lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it easily anywhere.

There is a zipper that allows you to open and close the enclosure mesh. This is helpful to slide your cat inside and let him out in a flash.


  • Breathable mesh for a 360-degree view of the surroundings.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • Zipper for easy entry and exit of cats.


  • A circular bag for carrying might be a little small to hold the enclosure house.

Final verdict

If you don’t have any cat houses yet, this not suitable for regular use. But if you do want to go outside with your cat, this cat house will come in handy.

Why would you ever need a cat house?

  • Cats have a need to curl up and hide. A cat house provides them with a place of safety and comfort.
  • Cat houses can become your secondary shelter for your indoor-outdoor cat. So, when he goes hunting or traveling outside, he can always sit and relax inside the home.
  • For outdoor cats, cat houses are mandatory. This will protect them from predators and the weather.

a house for cats

8 things to look for when buying the best cat house

1. Optimal size

Cats love to get themselves into teeny tiny spaces. But that doesn’t mean you should don’t give a thought to the sizing factor.

Too large a cat house, it can lose its effectiveness.

Too small and your cat can become uncomfortable.

The house should have just the right size for your cat to freely move in and out. He should able to sleep in it without any discomfort.

2. The material of the house

The material choice for a cat home will depend on whether your cat is an outdoor or indoor cat.

  • Wooden or plastic cat houses with asphalt roofs are best for outdoor cats. These houses should be sturdy enough to survive the wind and weather conditions.
  • For indoor cats, the material doesn’t matter much. But you don’t want to spend more on wooden houses for nothing. A fabric or net cat house will be sufficient enough to make a nice cozy home.

3. Weatherproofing and insulation

The best outdoor cat houses should be at least water-resistant, if not waterproof. It should be able to resist slight showers.

It should be able to withstand wind so that it doesn’t fall over. So, depending on the location of the house, the decision should be made.

And in no way, you should buy an uninsulated house if you are putting the house during the winter months. Insulation will provide maximum comfort and will increase the effectiveness of a heater.

4. Heating or no heating

The heating factor is crucial if you are living in a freezing climate. For indoors, it’s not mandatory as you will be having your own heating system installed.

For outdoor cats, the heating element is a must.

Make sure that the heating system is controllable as you would want to lower it during days when the temperature is low.

Get your cat used the heat first and make sure it’s comfortable for them.

5. Escape door for outdoor cats

You should be cautious about your cat house placement. If the outdoor space is open and there’s a chance that other predators might be sneaking, it’s a house for a cat with two doors.

The second door can be used by your cat if it senses any danger. Sometimes other cats, dogs, and snakes can enter the house. The escape door will prevent any mishaps.

6. Play area for indoor cats

Some cat houses might have a top space for your cat to climb on and play. Others might have extra room to hide those cat toys. It’s not a mandatory feature but one that has it add a bit of fun.

In the case of indoor cats, a playing feature is most preferable.

7. Ease of cleaning

Cleaning can become tedious if the cat house you are buying is not cleaning-friendly.

Some cat houses might have a cushion or bed that you can take out and wash. The bed should be washable. So look for this.

Some cat houses might have a removable roof or floor. Whatever the features are, they should be able to reduce your cleaning efforts.

8. Ease of assembling.

Assembling might not be a major issue if you have a bit of DIY skills.

But if you totally don’t want to put your hands on any power tools, look for the cat house that’s easiest to assemble.

Some might require you to take a few snaps with different parts! And voila!

Others can have velcro or zippers.

Outdoor cat house FAQ.

1. What type of vaccination do I need for my outdoor cat?

If you are buying a cat house for an indoor-outdoor cat, you should ensure that you provide the right vaccination. Because your cat can bring in different types of diseases from other animals.

These are the vaccines your cat needs:

  • The rabies vaccine is mandatory for both indoor and outdoor cats. For outdoor cats, the shot is required every year.
  • The FVRCP vaccine will protect your cat against panleukopenia and calicivirus. And the requirement is once every 3 years.
  • The Feline Leukemia vaccine is another mandatory requirement for outdoor cats. But not forcefully applicable for indoor cats. According to Rania Gollakner, who is a veterinary medicine specialist, FLV can protect cats against cancer and anemia.

2. What more precautions should I take for my outgoing cat?

  • A collar with a name tag can be put on your cat. In case of an accident or your cat getting lost, people can identify that the cat has an owner.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleansers for cleaning the cat house. This strong smell can distract your cat, and he may not feel comfortable going inside.
  • For getting started with a new cat house, place a toy or catnip to make your cat welcome.

2. Will my outdoor cat survive long?

Cats living an outdoor life are likely to have a shorter lifespan than those that live completely inside. It’s hard to tell how long they are going to live. But a 5 year time is at most they might live. Because outdoor cats can fall victim to other predators and are more prone to diseases.

3. How can I protect my outdoor cat from cold winter months?

The best way to protect your outdoor cat from cold is to get a cat house with a heater and proper insulation. Make sure that the heater has the right temperature. Anything too hot, and your cat might get hurt. And too cold, your cat may die.

4. Is there any difference between an outdoor cat house and an indoor cat house?

You can always use outdoor cat houses for indoors. But the cat houses made specifically for an indoor living are not suitable for the outdoors.

Indoor cat houses have light and fabric-based material that cannot withstand wind and extreme temperatures.

5. How to choose the best location for a cat house?

For indoor cat houses, the location doesn’t really matter. Make sure the house is closer to you where he will feel cozy.

For outdoor cat houses, the location is crucial. You should put it in a place where the wind will have less impact and preferably under shade for protection against the sun and the rain.

6. How to get my cat to go inside the cat house?

The easiest way to encourage your cat to go inside a cat house is to place something inside that has your cat’s smell in it. This will make him feel safe. You can also put catnips or treats inside the house.

7. Should I put food and water supplies in the cat house?

Don’t put water or any food items inside the cat house. If your cat needs any of them, he will come to you. Food and water might get spilled inside and will hamper the hygiene of the environment inside. This will double up your cleaning routine and can also attract bacteria.

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