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Top 8 Best Bird Toys in 2020.

Best Bird Toys
Best Bird Toys. Image Source Pixabay.

Birds are a blessing for us! And you want them to provide the best bird toys to keep them interested and active.

Naturally, birds love to chew and destroy things. And without toys, they can become aggressive and develop health problems!

We found 8 toys that are suitable for large, medium, and small birds!

Get ready for your bird to make havoc!

Best bird toys review.

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1. Super Bird Creations Bagel Cascade Bird Toy.

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This bird toy from Super Bird creations is one of the best bird toys for smaller and medium-sized birds. It’s unique cardboard rings are super relaxing for your pet bird.

Don’t be fooled by the manufacturer’s claim of being suitable for large birds. The plastic and rings are sturdy but not quite enough for a large bird-like Macaw.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Bird safe materials.

The toy is manufactured in the supervision of avian experts. There is plastic at the top, which is soft and harmless for birds.

The rings are cardboard paper and joined by non-toxic adhesive. It also has plastic C-rings. All of which are safe for your birds.

2. Easily refillable.

You can expect your bird to tear the cardboard rings in a short time. But you can refill and replace them with new ones. In this way, you can save money.

3. Compressed cardboard adds strength.

As the cardboard rings are made of compressed papers, these are strong enough to support tearing from small and medium-sized birds for some time. If you have African greys, this toy can be a perfect entertainer.

4. Promotes healthy behavior.

This bird toy will allow your bird to chew, hand, and also spin. So, it will help her to get rid of boredom and aggressive behavior.

Safe cardboard and plastic materials.Not suitable for large birds.
Unique and colorful.
Refillable cardboard rings.
Support chewing, hanging, and spinning.

Final Verdict.

If you have small and medium-sized birds, you can get one of these toys for fun. The overall functionalities and price are worthy enough to give a shot.

2. SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy

The SunGrow bird toy is specially crafted for chewing and suitable for medium-sized and large birds. The sturdiness and functionalities of this toy are of top-notch quality.

The best part is you can use it for your rats too.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Appropriate for a cage.

The height of this toy is approximately 15.7”, which is appropriate for installing inside a cage. The height is especially suitable for Macaw birds.

2. Bright color.

The toy consist of multicolor wooden blocks. The vibrant color will keep your bird interested and stimulated throughout the day.

3. Safe for birds.

There is no usage of plastic in this toy. So, that keeps your bird out of trouble. The only materials used here are wood, cotton rope, and metal, which are all safe for birds.

These materials have no toxic elements in their construction.

4. Sturdiness.

The wooden blocks might look very hard in the first instance. But these are chewable and will require some effort from your birds. So, you can expect it to last at least a week or more.

Make sure to rotate the toy so that all sides are evenly chewed.

The wooden blocks are attached to a metal buckle and are strong enough to hold them in place.

5. Functional.

The toy is designed for chewing and climbing. Both these activities will keep your bird entertained and also healthy.

Easily chewable but not too soft.Not appropriate for small birds.
Expected to last a week for any medium-sized bird.
Suitable as a cage toy.
No harmful substances used.

Final Verdict.

This is a long-lasting bird toy with lots of stimulation. Larger birds might destroy a chewable toy in a single day, but this toy can survive at least 2-3 days.

3. Super Bird Creations Crinkle and Star Toy.

This toy from the Super Bird creations is one of the best bird toys for small parrots and parakeets.

The toy has a variety of different materials that provide different levels of entertainment to your bird.

The only downfall is it can be destroyed quickly. So, we recommend not giving this to large birds.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. A diverse selection of bird toy materials.

The toy consists of colorful vine stars, a paper ball and paper shreddings attached to the ball. It also has bells and pony beads.

Having such a wide range of materials can keep your bird interested for a long time.

2. Satisfies the desire to destroy things.

Paper shreddings are the best part of this toy. Birds will absolutely love to tear apart these shreddings. This helps them to satisfy their natural instinct of destroying things.

Additionally, when the paper shreddings are removed, the paper ball and stars can keep your bird busy. These are good for chewing.

3. Bell for added stimulation.

The earlier bells with this toy were fake. But now the manufacturer has added real bells that make soft noises.

4. Safe to use.

All materials used in this toy are natural and non-toxic.

Colorful and has lots of varieties.We will need frequent replacement, which is common for shredding toys.
Perfect for stimulating your bird’s destructive nature.
Suitable for small and medium-sized birds.
Soft metal bell.

Final Verdict.

Parrots and Parakeets will really enjoy playing with this toy. However, if you want a more sturdy and long-lasting toy, look for others in this list of bird toy reviews.

4. Planet Pleasures Spiked Bird Toy.

The Planet Pleasures bird toy is crafted from all-natural materials. It is designed for shredding and able to cope up with medium to large birds. You also get the freedom to choose between different sizes.

The only issue we found was that it came without any stuff for hanging the toy. You can always use a C-ring and rope to hang it out.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. All-natural materials.

The manufacturer used palm leaves and recycled materials for this bird toy. So, it’s perfect for shredding and will keep your birds safe.

2. Layered weaving.

Layered weaving of the recycled and natural materials ensure that your bird has to work more to tear it up. But we would have loved it if the weaving was tighter. So that it could last longer.

3. Different Sizes.

You can choose between 4 sizes. The small toy is 7”, medium 10”, large 14” and extra-large 17”.

This range of sizes gives you the freedom to choose the right toy for your bird.

Smaller birds might have a hard time tearing any of these toys. Macaws and parrots should find them easy to shred.

Natural and recycled materials.Not suitable for birds with small beaks.
Sturdy but shreddable.
Bright color.
Lots of size options available.

Final Verdict.

It’s a great toy that gives real value for money. You can expect it to last a week at least. Highly recommended for Parrot owners.

5. MEWTOGO Large Parrot Tearing Toy.

If you are in trouble finding the appropriate size of toy for your large bird, the MEWTOGO bird toy is worth trying.

Ropes and wooden blocks will keep your birds busy for hours when you don’t remain at home.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Safe materials for birds.

You can find two kinds of material in this bird toy. The wooden blocks are made from natural wood and have food color coating.

There are ropes with tight knots. Your birds will need to work hard to get them shredded.

2. Large height.

The toy is 18.5” in height and makes it suitable for large and medium birds. If you have parrots at home, it will be worth buying.

3. High-quality hanger.

The hanger provided is a high-quality chain. It is durable and will keep the toy in place for a long time.

4. Shredding function.

Birds can shred the wooden blocks and also the rope knots. This will help them respond to their natural instinct of destruction.

The ropes are short in size, so no risk of strangling.

Suitable for large birds.Might come off if birds bite the top block with which all blocks are connected. Use an additional rope to make it stronger.
Sturdy materials.
Expected to last 3-4 days at least.
Awesome colors.

Final Verdict.

This is one of the best bird toys for Parrots but comes at a higher price than usual toys. So, you might want to consider that.

6. Super Bird Creations Flying Trapeze Chewable Bird Toy.

This Super Bird Creations bird toy is a real gem to have for your small birds. It has a seagrass mat that hangs freely aided by plastic chains.

It’s perfect for your bird’s exercise and also daily shredding habits. But once every month and save a ton!

Sometimes you might need to attach a down weight to the toy to make it stable.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Replaceable seagrass mat.

The seagrass is the USP of this bird toy. It rests on the plastic chain and suitable for shredding and tearing.

The best part is when the seagrass is totally destroyed, you can just replace it with a new seagrass or any fabric that your bird can tear without having to buy a new toy.

2. Swinging platform.

The platform hangs using a plastic chain. If seagrass is destroyed, your bird can chew the chain. However, it is sturdy enough to last two to three seagrass refills.

3. Safe materials for birds.

Everything from seagrass to the plastic chains is safe for birds. The chain is made from soft plastic and so no risk of injuries.

There are also hanging balls attached to the chain which are safe to chew and no risk of choking.

4. Promotes health and entertainment.

Your bird can hang standing on the seagrass. This will provide him exercise and also develop his balancing skills. Shredding is always necessary to relieve stress and rough behavior.

Resting, shedding and hanging all in one toy.Need to clean the seagrass as birds can stain it with excretion.
Suitable for small birds.
Seagrass is replaceable.
Expected to last at least a few weeks to a month.

Final Verdict.

With a little bit of spending more dollars, you will get one of the best bird toys in the market. If you have larger birds, you can check out the large version of this bird toy.

7. Kintor Bird Chewing Toy Apple Version.

Kintor brings you some of the most colorful bird toys in the market. The Apple version includes colorful wooden blocks and chains that your bird will be happy to chew and preen.

The size and quality of the materials make it more suitable for small birds to climb and create havoc!

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Layered wooden blocks.

The blocks are made from soft pine wood. These are stuffed in layers that enable your bird to climb and chew as he wants.

2. Metal chain for strong fastening.

The wooden blocks are suspended by a soft metal chain. The chain is strong enough to hold your small bird. But might not hold larger birds.

3. Bird safe materials.

The wood is totally natural, and the color is food dye. So that makes the toy safe for birds.

4. Bird activities.

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The toy is chewable and also takes some work for your bird to destroy it. Birds can preen with this toy and enjoy healthy exercise.

If you are out for a long time, you can keep your bird with this toy with no risk of getting destroyed quickly.

Bright and colorful.The chain is attached to the top apple. So, the entire section can fall if your bird chews up the apple! It can use clips to attach it to the main chain.
Available in 5 different versions and colors.
Expected to last at least 1 week.
Suitable for hanging and chewing.

Final Verdict.

Birds love colorful toys, and more destructible a toy is the better it’s for the birds. But this toy can hold up for a long time to save you bucks!

8. MEWTOGO Block Birds Parrot Toy.

This bird toy from MEWTOGO turns into different shapes as you want to make it. It is one of the best Parakeet toys. Love birds and other birds of small sizes can use this efficiently.

Ropes and wooden blocks provide versatile chewing opportunities.

Top features of this bird toy.

1. Moveable and shape as you like.

The bird toy is super lightweight, and so moving it is easy. The chain holds the wooden blocks horizontally and can be given different shapes to form bridges and towers.

2. Arranged in multiple layers.

Multiple layers of wooden blocks provide sturdiness and your bird to walk on it freely.

3. Bird safe materials.

The wooden blocks are completely natural, and the ropes are small enough to keep your bird from strangling.

4. Cage hanging clip.

There is a clip attached to a rope for hanging. It is totally safe for birds and no risk of injuries.

Easily movable.Very lightweight and small. Medium and large birds can destroy it in a few hours.
It can be made into different shapes.
Lots of colors.
Great for exercise and chewing.

Final Verdict.

It’s tough to find toys suited for very small birds. This toy is an exception in this list.

Buying guide for best bird toys.

1. Types of bird toys to consider.

The type of toy will depend on the type of bird you have. Also, some birds may develop a special liking to a toy. Here are a few types of bird toys that you can consider:

  • Exercise toys: These types of toys help in keeping your bird active and also promote foot movement. Ladders and hanging toys fall into this category. It’s also a great way to entertain your birds throughout the day.
  • Cage toys: Some toys are designed to be placed inside the cage. These toys help in improving the beak health of your birds.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors are invaluable for encouraging socialization. If you have multiple birds, this may not be necessary. However, if you have just one bird and you are away most of the time, mirrors can entertain your birdy and let her talk with herself.
  • Noisy toys: Some toys make noises that can stimulate your bird’s senses. Your bird will learn to respond to the noise and also develop social skills.
  • Chewing Toys: Chewing toys are the best toys for parrots, which are large in size. As chewing is a natural behavior of wild birds, this will keep them interested for long hours.
  • Foraging toys: Birds in the wild work for their food. But in captivity, it becomes too much easy. You can give foraging toys that will require your birds to feed through an outlet. This will encourage your bird’s natural instinct.
  • Shredding toys: Shredding toys are designed to be torn apart. Your bird can relieve herself from stress and boredom playing with such toys.
  • Comfort toys: These types of toys are soft and fluffy. Your birds need physical contact, and such toys can help your birds to cuddle or crawl on it. It relieves stress and gives them a feeling of security.

2. Bird toy material.

Bird toys might be manufactured from several types of materials. You might want to consider these materials while buying:

  • Acrylic toys: Most bird toys are acrylic toys. Some of the most interactive toys are made from acrylic materials.
  • Bungee cord: Bungee cords are also seen in bird toys. The only thing you need to keep an eye on if they get strangled.
  • Fabric: Fabric is the first material of choice for making foraging toys because it is soft and can be torn easily.
  • Wood: If you buy wooden toys, make sure it is crafted from natural wood. A touch of bright color can be attractive, but it has to be non-toxic, of course.
  • Plastic toys: A large number of bird toys have plastic in it. Plastic toys are more suitable for younger birds as they won’t be able to break and ingest the pieces.
  • Leather: Finding a feather toy with no added toxins can be hard and also difficult to clean.
  • Rope: The best toys for the Canaries are often made with ropes. Birds love preening, and a rope is just perfect for such behavior.
  • Bell: Bells might contain small slits that can cause harm to your birdy. Best to avoid.
  • Attachments: For birds, C-rings are the safest toy attachments. Try avoiding keychain ring and split rings.

3. Safety considerations.

  • For maintaining the safety of your birds, you need to check regularly for any cracks or splits on the toys. Sometimes, bacteria and fungus might also grow on the toys. So, clean them as often as you can.
  • Avoid very thin and long ropes. These are the ingredients for choking and strangling incidents.
  • Styrofoam is a big no-no for all bird toys. Birds can ingest styrofoam pieces, and it will affect their digestive system and can cause serious health problems.

4. Size and weight.

You should buy toys according to the size of your birds. If you have a young and small bird, she can’t really move a heavier and larger toy.

And if you give very small toys to large birds, they might even swallow it.

Bird toys FAQ.

Are bird bells safe to play with?

Our bird experts recommend not to give any type of bird toys with bells. Bells might have a slit in them that can get your bird trapped. If the construction material is safe for birds to use, then you can buy it.

Wooden toys vs. plastic toys, which is better for birds?

Depending on the condition of the toys, both types of toys can be good.
Wooden toys are more expensive and are durable to excessive chewing.
If you don’t want to spend too much money, plastic toys are also pretty useful. But you need to keep an eye on it if any part cracks or breaks.

Can I use mirrors as a toy?

Mirrors are beneficial to birds. However, it can also make your bird less sociable depending on usage.
We recommend putting the mirror in the birdcage for a few hours in the day and take it out.

How to fasten a toy inside a birdcage?

You can fasten toys inside a cage using ropes or stainless steel chain. Don’t use split rings.

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