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Top 5 Best Bird Houses to buy in 2020.

best bird house
best bird house. Image Source Pixabay.

We put in 50 hours to compile this list of best birdhouses.

It’s a real challenge to find functional birdhouses that has the right blend of materials, size, and maintenance benefits.

If you truly love birds singing around your lawn or home, it’s nice to have some birdhouses hanging during the summer season.

Let’s get down to these cute birdhouses!

5 Best Bird Houses Review.

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1. Nature’s Way Wren Birdhouse.

Nature’s Way is one of the best birdhouses for attracting Wrens. It has the perfect diameter of 1.125 that’s easy for Wrens to enter and also keeps other birds away.

It’s best to use some portal protector so that other birds or animals might not chew and make the hole bigger.

Top features of this birdhouse.

1. Durable wood.

It’s made from quality cedar wood that helps keep insect out and last throughout the year.

2. Proper ventilation and drainage.

There are air vents to the side of the wall so that the inside remains cool and fresh. A drainage hole is curved along the floor for clearing out litter and wastes.

3. Cleanout door.

You can open the door by a screw attached to it. This helps you to clean the birdhouse when birds leave.

Long-lasting wood.The product tag might be stapled in front of the house that can hurt the birds. So, get rid of the tag before you put it out.
Suitable entrance for Wrens.
Chew resistant hanger.
Extended roof for rain protection.
5 years warranty.

Final verdict.

The design of this birdhouse is perfectly suitable for bringing in Wrens. Judging by the price and features, this a very useful birdhouse.

2. Woodlink Bluebird house.

The Woodlink birdhouse is crafted with durable material to last for years. The 1.5” hole is suitable for attracting only western and mountain bluebirds.

The major issue is that this is not totally sparrow resistant. So, you will need to build a sparrow spooker, or a fishing line hanging will do just fine.

Top features of this birdhouse.

1. Weather resistance material.

Red cedar is very durable and able to resist insect infestation. It is durable in all weather conditions.

2. Sliding front panel.

The front part of the house can be opened by sliding. This is a unique feature of this birdhouse that will help to clean it and also monitor the bluebirds without disturbing them.

3. Proper ventilation and drainage.

Air vents are provided at the top of the roof, and there is a little crack on the floor for drainage.

4. Screws for mounting.

There are two zinc screws popping out at the back of the house. This can be used to mount the house to any tree. The screws are rust-resistant. So hopefully, it can stay in place for years.

Easy to clean and monitor.Staples are used to attaching the tag in front of the house. Very hard to remove.
Durable construction and mounting material.
Venting for air circulation.
Suitable for Western and Mountain Bluebirds.

Final Verdict.

Though this model is not 100% sparrow resistant, a little bit of tweaking can make it work. Also if you get two of these birdhouses and place them near, it will keep the sparrows away.

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3. Octagon Bluebird House.

The Octagon birdhouse is one of the few birdhouses that are decorative and also functional in nature.

It has two compartments and made from everlasting PVC, which makes it quite unique. The upper roof is what adds the decorative feature to this birdhouse.

1.5” hole is suitable for attracting bluebirds. So, only get this if you want bluebirds in your territory.

Top features of this birdhouse.

1. PVC material construction.

The PVC material is used for making this birdhouse. Though wood would have been better, this will provide durability that no wood can provide.

2. Spacious.

There is plenty of room for accommodating two bluebirds. This is good for air circulation.

3. Removable compartment.

There are two compartments within the house. But the best part is you can remove the divider and make it a single birdhouse in no time.

4. Removable top roof.

You can remove the rooftop easily for cleaning and monitoring the birds. It has no attachments and hence, the risk of falling if the wind is fast. However, we have found that it can withstand heavy winds and bad weather.

Highly durable.Screws might be too short to mount. So, contact the seller first for your desired screw size.
Cleaning is super easy as the roof is removable.
Decorative design.
A custom PVC fence post can be ordered.

Final Verdict.

This is a bluebird house we suggest buying for serving a decorative purpose and also provide a home for bluebirds.

4. Portly Bluebird House.

The Portly birdhouse is one of the best selling birdhouses in the market. The No.1 reason why people absolutely love this because the birdhouse resembles a colorful bluebird.

The design is appealing to the eye, and the functionalities of the house are effective for attracting these small birds.

Top features of this birdhouse.

Ceramic construction.

The birdhouse is crafted from ceramic material. This is great for keeping the temperature cool inside and also expected to survive through all weather conditions.

It’s also non-porous, so there are fewer chances of cracking or breaking.

Bottom opening for cleaning.

If you bought the older version of Portly, you would find this new version better. A hole is added on the floor closed with a removable plug. So, this makes it easier to clean and prepare for a new season.

Beautiful resin color.

The resin color is hand-painted and looks stunning. However, it can fade away after a season.

Hole diameter.

The hole diameter is 1.5”, which is suitable for bluebirds.

Top-notch design and structure.The paint might fade away in a year.
Ceramic material keeps the temperature low.
Easy cleaning through a hole.
Spacious and comfortable for bluebirds.

Final Verdict.

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If you love bluebirds, you will love this birdhouse too. Even if you don’t have bluebirds around, this house will make your lawn or garden beautiful.

5. Butterfly and Flowers Welcome Decorative Birdhouse.

This birdhouse is one of the best birdhouses for decorations. Though we think it’s not highly effective in attracting birds, nonetheless it will add color to your lawn.

Top features of this birdhouse.

1. Durable polyresin construction.

Polyresin is a very durable material, and it’s often used in creating unique shapes and sculptures. You can expect it to last for years to come.

2. The design suited for decoration.

The design and artistic feature of the birdhouse is its USP. You can hang this in front of your home or garden, and it will please your visitors.

3. The bottom hole for cleaning.

There is a bottom hole that can be closed using a plastic plug. However, the plastic plug looks cheap and can quickly loosen up. If you are buying this for birds, it’s best to replace the plug with other stuff.

Perfect for lawn and garden decoration.The jute cord provided for hanging might rot after a few months. We might need to replace it with other durable materials.
Durable and lasts for years.
The hand-painted color is of high quality.
Bottom opening for cleaning.

Final Verdict.

We definitely recommend this birdhouse for decorative purposes. But if you are a serious bird enthusiast, the hole might be too small for birds to enter. So, you can check out other specialized birdhouses in this list of birdhouse reviews.

Guide for buying the best birdhouses.

1. Types of birds you want to attract.

Outdoor birdhouses are most commonly used to attract Bluebirds, Purple Martins, and Wrens.

So, depending on both which one of them you want to attract will affect the design and size of the birdhouse when buying.

Also, the location of placing the birdhouses will vary from one bird species to another.

For Purple Martins, you need to place the birdhouse where there are no trees or obstacles for at least 40-60 feet.

2. Size of the birdhouse.

A standard size to choose for birdhouses is 4×4” for the floor size and 8” height. This will help accommodate Wrens and Chickadees easily.

However, for Bluebirds, you will need a slightly bigger birdhouse with a 5.5×5.5” floor size and 10” height.

Purple Martins require bigger areas with at least 6×6” floor size and 6” height.

3. Design of the birdhouse.

The design of the birdhouse is also crucial for attracting certain birds.

Purple Martins like to live in the community. So, you need to have several compartments for each family in a single house.

While Wrens and Bluebirds prefer living in a single space.

Some birdhouses also have perches. You don’t want them as they can attract unwanted birds like House Sparrows.

4. Construction materials.

Any untreated wood is preferable for birdhouses. The best birdhouses are made from red cedar, bald cypress, and redwood.

These wood types are weather-resistant and also durable. This will help you to save a ton every year!

5. The entrance diameter.

Many bird enthusiasts while buying birdhouses totally ignores the diameter of the entrance hole.

Too small a hole, your targeted bird will not be able to enter and too large a hole, predator birds might start sneaking.

According to George H. Harrison, Former National Wildlife Field Editor, hole diameters for different types of birds should be:

  • Purple Martins: 2.5” hole.
  • Wrens: 1.13” hole.
  • BlueBirds: 1.5” hole.
  • Chickadees: 1.25” hole.

6. Easy maintenance features.

When the birds leave after the end of every season, you should be able to clean the houses.

So, there should be some kind of door or access panel that you can open and use for cleaning.

If you leave the houses untreated, it can attract mice and other insects.

7. Extra mandatory features.

Holes for ventilation and drainage are a must. Otherwise, space inside can become poisonous and create respiratory illness. The roof must be sloped or extended to protect against rain.

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