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Top 5 Best bird cages to keep your birds happy in 2020.

best bird cages
Best bird cages. Image Source Pixabay.

The outstanding personalities that birds bring with them out are the number 1 reason people keep birds. However, you also need the best bird cages to keep them happy and comfortable when you are not around.

Buying a birdcage is fairly straightforward. Just order them online. But as soon as it comes to your hand, you will find issues like rough edges, problems in assembling, your bird escaping through the bars easily and lot more.

We made this birdcage review to solve these issues and help you buy the right cage for the right bird.

Let’s get started!

Best bird cages Review.

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1. Zeny Bird Cage.

The Zeny Birdcage is one of the best bird cages for Meyer’s Parrots, conures, and birds of smaller size. The best thing about this cage is how easily you can feed your birds and have a great cleaning system.

Though the cage is large enough, we don’t recommend keeping larger birds in it. Because large birds can chew the powder coating on the bar and cause troubles.

Top features of this birdcage.

1. Durable finish.

The wrought iron finish makes the cage inexpensive and also durable at the same time. However, we would have liked it more if the cage bars were heavier.

2. Easy feeding features.

There are four individual feeding doors with locks. This means you get 4 rooms for providing food and water. Good for feeding multiple birds.

3. Double tray for easy waste cleaning.

There is a removable pan, and on top of that, there is also a removable grate. The removable grille ensures that your bird won’t have to stand on its own dropping for a longer time.

4. Wheels for mobility.

There are 4 caster wheels attached to this cage. The wheels can move in all directions. So, if you love moving your birds between rooms or between your yard and home, this cage is perfect.

Super mobile.A poor instruction manual can take you longer to assemble.
Easy to feed birds.
Quick and easy maintenance.
Spacious and big enough for birds to fly around.
Double perch for resting.

Final Verdict.

There’s nothing to brag about this standard birdcage. But a birdcage that makes cleaning easier is definitely worth buying.

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2. Prevue Hendryx Flight Cage.

If you look at any of the best bird cages reviews online, you will find Prevue Hendryx Flight cage 9 out of 10 times. It’s durable and also low cost at the same time.

It gives you flexibility in feeding and cleaning. It’s perfect for medium-sized birds but not sturdy enough for large parrots.

Top features of this birdcage.

1. Easy and swift feeding.

You get 4 double cups with the cage. Placing these cups inside the cage is easy; however, the feeding bowls don’t have their own doors.

2. Versatile access doors.

There are 2 large doors of 8×8 inches dimension. This helps you to make your bird in and out easily. There are 4 small doors of 4×4 inches dimension which you can use ad feeding doors.

3. Enables mobility.

4 castor wheels make the job of moving the cage easier. We found no locks in these wheels which won’t be much of a problem if you are keeping small birds.

4. Quick cleaning system.

Apart from the regular removable pan underneath the cage, the bottom grille also slides out. This makes cleaning quick and easy.

Extra storage space underneath the cage.Some cages might have burrs and rough areas. Check them before using.
Adequate resting place in the form of 3 perches.
Adequate access doors.
Keeps bird clean.

Final Verdict.

At this price point, you should be happy with all the range of features this cage offers.

3. Prevue Hendryx Travel Birdcage

This is the perfect birdcage for taking your bird out when you are on the go. The travel birdcage is extremely efficient in storing.

The bar distance is a bit large for small birds. So, mid-size birds like Green Cheek conure would fit in perfectly.

Top features of this birdcage.

1. Easy entrance during travel.

The doors are provided to the side for easy access for your bird.

2. Storage is compatible.

You can fold the cage in a compact manner. So, it’s easy to store it when you are not using it. You don’t want a travel cage taking up your room space.

3. Deep feeding dishes.

There are 2 stainless dishes deep enough to prevent spillage during travel. However, for safety, fill the bowls to halfway only.

4. Perch for resting.

There is a single perch attached at the top of the cage inside. But we would have loved if this perch was positioned a bit lower. Because standing on the upper perch is a bit harder for large birds.

Foldable.Lack of zip ties for locking the toys during travel.
Very easy to assemble.
Pull out tray makes cleaning easy.
Prevents food spillage.

Final Verdict.

Assembling part is easier than unpacking the cage, which is what you want with any travel cage. Overall, the cage is lightweight and functional for carrying it in cars and vehicles.

4. Super deal Pro Large Bird Cage.

The super deal pro is one of the best bird boxes for large birds. Its heavy-duty locking system and the large top playing area make it stand out from the rest of the birdcages in this list.

The downfall is you can’t keep small birds in this cage as the bars are quite wide apart.

Top features of this birdcage.

1. Durable and safe material.

It’s made of wrought iron, giving you durability and budget buying opportunity. The cage is powder coated with lead-free paint and has no sharp edges inside, making the cage very safe for your bird.

2. Internal and external resting area.

The cage has a perch inside the cage and also a top playing area with a ladder. This helps your bird to rest inside and also promotes movement when it is outside.

3. Enables movability.

There are 4 caster wheels that help to move the cage anywhere you want. The issue is installing the wheels is a little hard.

4. Quality lockable doors.

The main entrance doors have a locking pin mechanism so your bird can’t fly away. But the feeding door locks are not quite strong enough.

Easy cleaning with sand tray and sliding grille.Poor manual directions for assembling.
Durable cage and feeding bowls.
Strong access door lock.

Final verdict.

Apart from the pain of assembling the cage, you won’t regret buying it. Totally worth the money if you consider the rich features at such a price.

5. Yaheetech Large Bird Cage.

The Yaheetech bird cage is suitable for large birds like Sun conures and macaws. It is spacious and can accommodate more than one bird. However, medium and small birds might struggle to walk on the cage floor as the bars are wide.

The ease of cleaning and moving makes this cage very effective for new bird owners.

Top features of this birdcage.

1. Long-lasting material.

The cage is made from solid metal, so you can expect it to last for years. The non-toxic hammertone paint coating on the cage is safe for birds.

2. Promotes exercise and health.

There is a play top with a ladder for your bird to have fun when not in the cage. The perch inside is wide and might not be suitable for small birds to stand.

If you still want to use it for small birds, replace the cage floor and the perch.

3. Easy maintenance.

It comes with a slide-out tray and grille. This makes cleaning very quick and easy.

4. Caster wheels.

4 caster wheels with 360-degree movement give you more freedom to move the cage.

Includes a bungee rope toy.The stainless steel feeders are deep. So, you might need to replace that.
Toys can be fixed freely on the top of the cage inside.

Final Verdict.

All in all, this cage is super effective in keeping your birds safe and happy inside. But if you have a cat at home, you might reconsider buying it as the cat can put his leg through the bars.

Best bird cages buying guide.

We got 5 factors to consider before buying your first birdcage:

1. Cage size.

The cage size is the first thing to consider when buying bird cages. For this, you need to identify the type of bird you have. Is it a small bird, medium bird, or large bird?

Depending on the size of your bird you can find cages in 4 sizes:

●     Small birdcage.

Proportion: Depth- 24”, Width- 20” and Height- 24”

●     Medium birdcage.

Proportion: Depth- 32”, Width- 25” and Height- 35”

●     Large birdcage.

Proportion: Depth- 50”, Width- 40’ and Height- 50”

●     Extra-large birdcage.

Proportion: Depth- 50”, Width- 40” and Height- 60”

These are all standard sizes. If you can you should always try to go above these sizes for better movement of your bird.

2. Bar size thickness, spacing, and orientation.

The bars of the cage also needs attention. If you buy a cage with bars placed far away for a small bird, he can easily getaway. And too much small spacing for a large bird will make the cage suffocating.

So, here’s a chart to guide you to find the cage with the right bar spacing thickness.

Small birdsMedium BirdsLarge BirdsExtra Large Birds
Bar diameter2mm2.5 mm 3.5 mm3.5 mm 5 mm
Bar spacing0.5”0.625”-0.75”0.75”-1”1”-1.25”

3. Birdcage material.

Wrought Iron.

Most bird cages that you will come across will have a wrought iron finish. Iron is cheaper, and helps keeps the cost to a minimum level.

The quality of the paint sprayed over the iron cage is also important. Poor quality paint can cause rusting soon.

Stainless steel.

If you have concerns about rusting, you can always choose a stainless steel birdcage. But the downfall is it’s very expensive.

But if you are willing to spend more, you will get a lightweight and durable bird cage that can last for years.


Aluminum is also expensive, like stainless steel. However, if you want to buy travel cages, look for bird cages that have an aluminum finish. Because aluminum is lightweight and will make your journey hassle-free.


Acrylic or plexiglass is an alternative material for bird cages. These cages look visually appealing and also make far lesser noises than steel or iron cages.

For super noisy parrots, this looks like a good option.


Some people prefer wooden cages because of their rusty look. However, use it only for small birds as large birds can chew and destroy such cages.

4. Birdcage design.

Standard birdcage.

Standard bird cages come in a rectangular shape. If you are starting out in rearing birds, these types of cages are best to use. The best part is standard cages are pretty affordable.

Double birdcage.

Some bird cages have a divider in between to make it double in size. If you are looking to breed birds, you should get a double cage. Once your birds get used to each other, you can remove the divider.

Hanging Birdcage.

Bird breeders often choose hanging cages for small birds. They look appealing and also gives you the best view for bird watching. You can hang them pretty much anywhere in your yard or inside the home.

Travel cage.

Travel cages are lightweight, and that makes them efficient to carry on the go. Why do you need a bird to travel cages? Because you never know when do you need to see a vet for your lovely birds.

Flight cage.

Flight cages are large cages that help your birds to have extra space for flying and moving. If you have larger birds or many small birds, it’s best to get a flight cage.

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5. Birdcage features.

Mandatory features:

  • Floor tray– This is a removable tray for cleaning bird droppings.
  • Perches– These are put inside the cage for birds to sit and rest on them.
  • Primary access door–This is the main entrance of the cage and should be large enough for your bird to pass.
  • Feeding stations– Feeding stations for providing food and water.
  • Cage lock– Every cage must have a lock to stop escapes.

Optional features:

  • Wheels– Some cages have wheels to move them easily.
  • Play top stand– These are attached outside the cage at the top. Your birds can rest on them.
  • Storage space– Some cages have a spare space underneath the cage to store bird supplies.

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