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Are Birds Great as Pets- Taking the right decision Today!

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Birds have been captivated and kept as pets for their beauty for a long period of time now. The first evidence of birds kept as a pet was depicted in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

Since then and still now, petting a bird is a popular hobby among people all around the world.

Benefits of Keeping a pet bird.

Having any pets at your home can do a lot more than you thought, especially if it’s a pet bird. Often we bring a bird just to spend out pastime playing with them. But here’s in how many ways they can benefit us.

  • Reduce Stress.

With age and more working pressure, people nowadays suffer from a lot of stress in their regular lives. And in most cases, they don’t even know how their pet birds can reduce their stress.

Talking to your birdies, taking care of them involves something you love to do. It also keeps all those negative thoughts away and keeps your stress level and blood pressure balanced.

  • Companionship.

Well, if you live alone at home, having a bird can get you out of your loneliness. Believe it or not, birds though cannot speak, they communicate in a different way with their owners.

  • Increasing Social Interaction.

Being a bird owner, you would habitually be looking for other bird owners as you share a common interest. It helps you increase your social interaction with an entirely new community.

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7 Reasons Why Birds Make Great Pets?

There are a hundred reasons that make birds great pets. We are highlighting only seven of them.

1.   Birds Are Beautiful and Attractive.

Birds were first captured for their beauty. And humans are naturally attracted to beautiful things. Having this beautiful creature around us makes us sound and happy.

2.   They need Minimal Grooming.

Comparing to pet dogs and cats, birds need minimal grooming and immediate care. Of course, depending on the kind of bird you have, the maintenance will vary, but however, it is not as much as the other animals.

3.   They are Intelligent and Social Creatures.

Birds are more intelligent than most other animals. They learn and imitate quite faster than cats and dogs. And this nature of the birds makes them more fascinating to keep as a pet.

4.   Birds Are Easily Trained.

As we told before, birds are intelligent and they can learn and remember things really quick, which is the first requirement for training your pets. But you need to bear in mind that, training your pets is not just for your convenience, you need to ensure about their safety and comfort as well. Birds can be trained to step up, respond to their names and even poop on demand. Some specific breeds can be taught human language.

5.   Petting Birds are Inexpensive.

Bird foods are really inexpensive. Birds also need little grooming and maintenance. So the overall cost is very low.

6.   They do not make a mess at your home.

Birds do not make much noise, neither make your house into a mess as your dogs and cats do. So, it’s much easier to pet a bird maintaining an organized home.

7.   Birds Don’t Require Much Space.

It’s a known fact, and many people want to have a bird for this reason only. Most birds are kept in a cage that takes only a small space in a corner of your house. Many landlords don’t even count birds as a pet for this reason.

Best Pet Birds to Keep.

In most cases, bird owners naturally grow the love for a specific type of bird they want to pet. But if you love birds in general and still want to decide which birds are best for pets, then we might help you.

Best pet birds are classified depending on different criteria often people look for. Some want pet birds that can be taught human language. Some look for birds that sing sweetly, some want friendly birds. So you need to decide which criteria is your top priority and choose accordingly. Here are some best pet birds listed for you.

  • Best Talking Pet Birds: Budgies, Amazon Parrots, Quaker Parrots, Indian Ringneck Parakeets, African Grey Parrots.
  • Most Friendly Pet Birds: Budgies, Cockatiel, Cockatoos, Parakeets, Hyacinth Macaw.
  • Best Trainable Pet Birds: Macaws, Amazon Parrots, Cockatoos, Budgies.

Things to consider before becoming a pet owner.

Before becoming a new bird parent, you need to consider a few things as follows.

  • Who will be taking care of the birds?
  • Does your family have the time and interest to spend time with the birds?
  • Will the weather and climate of your living area suit the bird you are getting?
  • Do you have the landlord’s permission for having a pet bird?
  • Is there any available veterinarian hospital or a specialist of birds near the place you live in?
  • Does anyone at your house smoke? If so it’s better not to keep pet birds. Smoking around birds can be deadly for them.

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